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G-arc and waves

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G-arc and waves

Postby kitesurfbali » Mon Apr 07, 2003 4:34 am

Hello Guys,
I'm back after long time!
I just come back from a trip of pure wave kiting and I like to post my impressions! Actually they are not impressions are just facts!!!
First you can check for the wave’s pictures on our web site at news etc... And this is just to make understand that we are talking of real waves!!!
I'm sorry but I can't reveal the spot is secret and if someone knows where it is better to keep it for you or it will be spoil!!
The main difference between the G-arc (but also the old S-arc works OK) and inflatable is that down the line you just park the kite at 11:00 O'clock and just concentrate in ride the wave!!!! You just have to play with sheeting in and out or just to hold the rail more or less and the trick is done. With inflatable you always have to keep moving the kite following your movement up and down the wave.
All my friend that ride LEI were impressed on the performance in the waves and me too, plus the G-arc is almost impossible to put in the water, I was trashed from some serious waves but coming out of the white water he was always up there!! Incredible!!!
The 13 Sm turns fast enough plus I like to pull the brake all in like make it stalling then turn the kite in the other direction and sheet out.... you get the faster turn ever and a good way to escape a big set coming....
Bye Jankie

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