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X3 12 compared to X2

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X3 12 compared to X2

Postby Toby » Wed Apr 23, 2003 4:52 pm

X3 has noticibly more pull when moving the kite through the power zone. X3 responds to sheeting a little smoother than X2, kite backs up nicely to hold power and still moves forward with reasonable speed. X3 has tremendous lift overhead, bigger sweet spot than X2. X3 relaunches well, probably better than X2 due in part to fuller draft.(just a theory) I don't know if the X3 will hold as much wind as the X2 because of the increase in power(bigger guys no worries). The added two struts do make the kite feel heavier handling than the X2 and this is my only negative observation. I would also say that due to the increase in tug from this kite over the X2 that this is an advanced/experts kite only. I believe the Aero 2 is still the best Naish choice for 95% of the kiters(including myself) out there.
Respectfully, Stefan

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