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North R2 20m

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North R2 20m

Postby hwenn » Fri Apr 18, 2003 2:32 pm


Rode the North R2 20 today in 9-13 knots. Pumping it up, it really did not look too big, because of the high AR. In the air, it was extremely stable, I am a mediocre kiter, and I stuffed 3-4 jumps. The kite recovered after luffing every time.
Jumping ability was pretty good, I had one 10 foot triple back loop in 12 knots. Getting the timing right was a little difficult.
Turning ability was very good, it I really yanked, it spun on a dime. I still may have preferred a faster kite, but north has decided not to make their kites too fast.
Upwind was 5/10, I guess it's tough for monsters to rip upwind. When it got to about 12 it was no longer difficult.
Last words: Great kite, awesome feel in the air-smooth and decently quick. Very stable, it will probably take a while before I can report on the relaunch.

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