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AMP 10.3 (14.0)

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AMP 10.3 (14.0)

Postby Toby » Tue Apr 22, 2003 12:52 pm

Babblefish translation:

AMP 2003 14m(10.3 projected)

Wipika brings a completely again revised to 2003 with the AMP on the market. Only the classical characteristics of a Highperformancekites remind of the predecessor. It acts thereby around Tubekite with 7 Quertstruts.

The Wipika AMP is for me the surprise of the still recent season 2003. No Kite could convince me personally so far at first attempt as much as the AMP. thereby must I stress again and again that all Kites, which I was allowed to test up to now throughout was very good and no substantial lack to have exhibited. Particularly impressing with the AMP is however the power, which is clearly noticeable already in the lower wind range. The Kite produces very early power for the Angleiten and relaxed height running (13-15 knots). With the fact it is important that one brings the AMP promptly on speed. Like an afterburner the Kite seems to then ignite its engine. Remarkably however it is that the Kite already possesses a considerable elevator and a longer hangtime than comparable Kites within the lower and middle wind range. Jump is very simple. Great edge do not set is necessary at all. Simply something speed permit, already on 11-12 o'clock kit position jump off and the Kite briefly however energetically over itself pull, the remainder takes over the AMP of completely alone. Where one normally expects a descending flight, the AMP continues to carry lively. For me a completely new experience to have also with a moderately powered Kite as much jump height and slope time available.

The control is habituation needy, very fast and directly. The AMP converts each control instruction 1:1 and presently/immediately. Similarly the Depower reacts. Already little course at that bar visibly and perceptibly causes more achievement. The energy expenditure for steering and Powern is very small. These characteristics demand something experience from the Kitesurfer therefore and a sensitive Haendchen. One should avoid inadvertent and hectic actions therefore with the AMP. Nevertheless the AMP does not work aggressively. Even in the power zone the Kite is lamb-piously and well controllable with full Depower. If one draws however on that bar to something and gives a stronger control instruction, then the AMP unfolds considerable forces.

In addition, within the upper wind range conclusion (20 knots and more) is still for a long time not with the 1êr AMP. A heartful course at the Adjuster gives new clearance to the Kite. The Kite leaves itself very well depowern and also in the zenith can one the Kite for a long time and comfortable keep. One should be however conscious that the power of the AMP increases with stately wind by a multiple. At the latest now this Kite is no more toy, because it particularly needs neither strength nor much technology, in order to shoot itself so correctly bad raus. Already with the attempt the Kite with the jump toward 12 o'clock to fly one is in the upper floor. It is to be kept as calm as possible advisable the Kite, because the remaining flying time is long. By course at that bar can be increased the slope time again clearly. The Wipika bar can be stopped with the fact in such a way that the Depowertampen occupies itself over a rubber shroud in the eye that bar automatically. In the case of more easily turn at that bar is again freely given the Depowertampen. For complex cheat in air very useful, but at first very unusually.

By the extreme agility and the small control loads it can particularly happen at the beginning quite times that one dropt or tears the Kite. As is the case for so many Hochleistern, then is to be managed also with the AMP of the kind of landing on water only with something experience. The Kite tilts willingly and sets up themselves also fast again, however one needs something fate and a few swimming courses around the Kite in the wind window and for starting to get.

The AMP is very high-quality and affectionately in the detail finished despite more easily building method. All strongly stressed places are exemplary strengthened. Even the points of tying that tax linen are aerodynamically "disguised". One should use the position "Crusier" (outside) really only with little wind. The AMP on the trim position "Styler" becomes clearly more good-natured. I did not try the connecting factor out "Trixer" yet, these have with the AMP however surely its authorization. To the front linen the Kite gets along with only one position. Useful is also the large life boat valve, which makes a brisk diminishing possible. The Longhornbar lies griffig in the hand and is durchdacht and functional in the last detail. Here no desires remain openly.

Result: The AMP is with 14m2 a reinrassiger Hochleistungskite. He does not only captivate by his large area of application, which exzellente processing and the sumptuous equipment, but also by the unusual elevator and the stately slope time, which already with less wind becomes effective fully. Within the upper wind range the AMP possesses an extremely high potential, which exceeds my present being able with security and completely new perspectives to me offers (particularly from above; -). The AMP is not recommended to beginners however due to its speed and the very strong force development during aggressive flight way. For the Koenner and progressing, which want more than only Big air with much wind, the AMP with security the correct Kite is for the coming season.

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