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Trip pointers needed - going to St. Lucia - Jan 14 -22

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Trip pointers needed - going to St. Lucia - Jan 14 -22

Postby fun2kite » Wed Jan 04, 2006 4:15 pm

Hey all,

I'll be in St. Lucia in Jan 14 - Jan 22nd.

I'm looking for some info.

1. Should I go to the south part of the island and kite there or north part. There are two schools on the island. (tornado-surf north) and the other one on the south tip of the island.. So:

1. Which beach is better for kiting?
2. Flatter water?
3. More stable wind?
4. Better launch conditions
5. More space etc?

2. Which school is better and in which way (I know north school using radio helmets and more expensive..) But overall, who has better instructors and treat their students better?

3. I know there is almost NO night life on the south part.. But is there still anything to do there? Maybe somebody would could give pointers on what to do, should I go to the south part? Northen part.. ?? Still what are the places to hit?

4. What to do? What do avoid doing? What is safe what is not?

5. Volcano trips, rain forest etc... Are any of those things worth while? I mean they sound very cool, but is it worth to take a day off from kiting to go see that volcano? Anybody was there? Is it really impressive ?

Who to hire to do all these trips? This is important one.. I'd really appreciate some info on tha.. Any phone numbers? Any recommendations?

6. Anything at all!!! Any useful info on travel to/from St. Lucia.. What to take, what not to.. prices, advice, etc.... I apreciate any info...

7. Anybody can point me to good pictures of the beach of south part and beach of north part of the island? NOt the commercial from schools, but taken by someobody who was actually there...



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Postby KJX » Fri Jan 06, 2006 5:16 pm


I've been to St. Lucia and here is my take;

It's safe, but not overly so. Stay on the resorts and when not, You generally want to hire a local to show you around the island and the sites. Going to see the touristy places is cool, but find a local to guide you. Go to the local "Fish Fry" for dinner one night, very cool, but again, find a local to take you and expect to pay them as a giude (and for protection.)

Its; expensive: Expect to pay about 100/day for water taxis, local guides,'s their a custom that is part of the local culture but also a big part of their livelyhood and the best way to see the best of the island.

I might not rent a car at's so much faster to take water taxies around the island than it is to drive. The roads are really bad. A 15 minute boat ride can be a 4 hour car drive.

The island is so mountianous that it is quite gusty. I've never kited ther but did sail there and it was all over the place at times. I'd highly suggest going with a kite school down there.

Good Luck, it is a very beautiful palce and I'm sure you'll have fun.

Beaches on some of the resort are just awsome. Check out the fancy resorts like the Hilton near the Pitons (moutains), if only to hang out at the beach for a while and have a drink...really sweet.

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Postby Burness » Sat Jan 07, 2006 12:39 am


I've never kited their but I taught windsurfing at a Club Med on the South East coast for a winter.

This resort is now closed but the beach is in use by Tornado group.

The wind in winter at this part of the island is perfect side shore. Usually around 20 knots. I found it to be incredibly steady for windsurfing. At this point there were no kiters around.

Roads were very poor whenever we went off site. Scenery is some of the best I've ever seen! Soufriere and the Pitons are incredible! Diving there is some of the best in the world. I found the locals to be incredibly friendly.

Note: I did not go to Castries but heard a couple of rather unpleasant stories.

I would go back to Vieux Fort area in a second. Best winter I ever had!


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Postby The swede » Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:30 pm

I have been to both plases The beach in the south is realy nice but you also got the Island out there that can give realy gusty wind conditions.
The spot in the south has some nice waves as well but it is so choppy not smoth.

The spot in the north is realy nice a litle bit smaler but flatwater where you launch but if you go to the other side of the bay you get small but perfect waves to use as kickers.

South to do = Nothing I rented a car so I could drive up north.

North is veary easy to get around the local busses are going avery 10- 15 min and cost is 1 us dollar to get around in the area. And you have some nice bar, restaurantes and night clubs.

And as the guy said befor is that you have to get to Fish Fry that is niice.
The Jump up in Gros Islet the litle street party that they have avery friday is cool place to go to after the fish fry.

I might get back there in Begining of Feb to the north part.

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