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Postby Scubacore » Sun Apr 23, 2006 7:06 pm

illibilli wrote:Scubacore is wrong....dead ass wrong...Nice people (stephan and roway...definitely nice people) but u want to kite....u can meet nice people anywhere....if ur going to kite then its a hostile place...
beginners should not kite in offshore winds...In fact no one should kite in offshore winds...what if rescue boat breaks down?? u'r DONE!!
YES i kited Atlantis......its the ONLY place on Bonaire to kite...Pink Beach is not a beach...there are NO u'r feet will get shredded...
no beach...i mean barely...some sand then u'r walking on sharp rocks to get to water....
If u'r going to dive...or some other reason?? then thats u'r decision. But if you expect nice kiting then forget it...u will be dissapointed...
just stand warned...
Hmm there are 2 boats there most of the time. And the instructor has a mobile phone in a waterproff bag. So if somethings happens with the boat he/she can call for help.
I dont see the problem at all.
I would rather wait for a boat to pick me up than being draged onshore on a wind onshore spot.
But you are right about pink beach not a great spot.

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Postby vp » Sun Jan 28, 2007 9:14 pm

anything changed with Lac Bay? or still banned?

Continental airlines started direct flights from Newark in December. would be an awesome destination if that bay was reopened. seems to be blowing everyday now.

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Postby KJX » Wed Mar 21, 2007 6:14 pm

Yes, I agree Continental is the way to go via the States.

KLM flys 2 flights per day from Europe.

Well, I've been going to Bonaire almost every year for 15 years and think its a great spot for kiting. We spent another week kiting in Bonaire in Feb, it was great. Wind 6 out of 7 days. We are going again in 3 weeks.

Yes, it is off shore wind, yes, there isn't much "beach" as most of the island is coral and rock, and yes, you do have to depend on the local guys for resuce if you run into problems. It's $10 per rescue. However I still think it is a great place to kite. There is enough sandy beach at Atlantis to set up, launch and land quite a few kiters, no problem. It never gets crowded (like Aruba).

Kline Bonaire (a small island) is not too far downwind so worse case you would end up there and have to pay a water taxi or a nice local tourist or tour/dive boat to take you back worse case, but generally everyone looks out for one another on the water so the risk is really low.

The wind comes over the island at Atlantis over salt farms (dead flat water "ponds") so the wind is glassy smooth even though it's off shore.

My favorite place to stay on Bonaire is the BellaFonte, I'd highly reccomend this over many of the other places but there are a lot of nice places. Stay away from the Lyons and Dive Buddy, not so nice although they have a nice location.

I can see where Bonaire is not ideal, however it's paradise in my opinion regardless; windy, warm 80 degree clean water, nice people, good food, not over croweded.

Comparing it to Aruba, for example, Bonaire is mcuh nicer.

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Postby KJX » Wed Mar 21, 2007 6:21 pm

One more thing,

Regarding Lac bay: Yes, this would be a great place to kite however it will likely not be opened to kiters in the future and I can see why;

1. Windsurfers have been there forever, they are pretty comfortable and well set up there and will protect that area as long as windsurfing remains a sport (questionable because windsurfing is almost dead.)
2. The bay is surronded by Mangroves which would be, for sure evnetually damaged by kites and kiters. The Mangroves are essentially fish hatcheries and if they were damaged or distrubed, there would be a very high enviromnetal and bio impact.
3. The is not enough room on the small beach in Lac Bay for set up, launch, etc, at least not for more than a few people.

You can kite the waves just outside of Lac Bay but this would be for experts only as the waves are huge and it could be dangerous.

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