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New Caledonia - Nouvelle Caledonie - the Coo

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New Caledonia - Nouvelle Caledonie - the Coo

Postby cheddaz » Mon Jan 09, 2006 5:59 am

Kiting in New Caledonia Rocks
The kiting does really get like this if you're able to go by boat. It's just the other side of the world.

Why go?
it's got 200 - 250 ridable days a year that just roars when the time is right, it's gallic so the food's pretty good, the second longest barrier reef with world class diving and it's got these amazing paradise islands for chilling out when your arms are too tired from the pull.

When to go
November to March is the Typhoon season (although there might not actuallly be one and the weather seems amazing and sunny) and the wind just howls every day.

Where to Kite
The capital Noumea has two spots to ride, of any quality, but two of them can be expensive to get to.
Meridien, Anse Vata beach
This is a less 'pretty' spit where the wind blows 'off' shore but there is a bay parallel if all goes wrong. There is a big coral chunk downwind which no-one seems to worry about. but the water is reflection flat even when it's blowing 30 knots, which it does. The wind is really constant so bring your 8m to 13m for town. The deal is that it's pretty packed on weekends with some really crazy kiters showing off, so if you're a beginner this is not the spot. You can go upwind and there is a secluded area that will mash your board at low tide. The crowds really come round comp. time and you see stuff that you will only see at cabarete.

Isle Maitre
A water taxi away. It is a luxury resort with those over water bungalows,
that's not a problem for you kiting there. It's got a 500 mtr. upwind flat water shelf that just rocks and there's always someone out. on a normal Easterly, South Easterly Wind in the windy season you'll find that you can kite there from anse vata (aiming for the lighthouse) and you've got a playground. You could even arrange for a water taxi to pick you up so that you've not gotta come back. This is the spot for beginners

Loyalte islands
Bring a 17m for paradise riding in this amazing island with cristal water and white sand. It blows but if it's F5-6 in Noumea it'll be F3-4 in Lifou Wonderful spot to ride just be prepared. MV havana goes there as well as a catamaran twice a week. This is such a cool place with such a chilled out vibe, local cricket with women screaming blue murder is just something not to miss.

Difficult to get to and away from but this is paradise. 25 km sands unlike many places in the world... bring your bigger kites though

Off a Yacht
This can be done by chance meeting people in the harbour or by engaging Met the fella who organises this and he seems pretty cool. No idea of the cost though.

How to get there
You may be visiting Oz and be thinking jeez I wanna see some Pacific Islands too well this is definitely one if you can afford it, Cos it aint cheap.
You're looking at spending $100 USD per day per person and that will get you a 4star hotel (on locally reduced rates), One fancy meal, and sandwiches from the supermarket a few beers, sandwich breakfast and the odd ferry ride. It hurts though sometimes to pay $25usd for two 15 min ferry rides to get out and back from Iles Maitre. But it does seem worth it when you're there.

Where to stay
Staying in town and renting a car is a possible because you then can go up the coast a little to other spots like the beach near Bourail (which are good if it's honking in Anse Vata)
Local shops, nightlife, restaurants are all round anse vata so it's a good place to stay. Le Lagon suits are 50 euros a night and local discounts apply if you rock up wanting a room you can get 40% off marked room rates. so 60 euros for a fancy hotel over the bay.

Alternatively it's 14 USD to stay in the youth hostel at the top of the hill and then 4 dollars for the bus to ansavata (one every 20 mins)

Other stuff
A basic grounding in french can make it easier as everyone speaks it and notalotta english. If you want to get there cheaper you can get a flight to vanuatu for 30 quid plus taxes on Virgin Pacific and then hitch a ride on a yacht to New Caledonia as everyone is fleeing the unsheltered water of Port Vila in Vanuatu and coming through from fiji. Hitching a lift if you can sail a little is a doddle and then you can even sail to Australia for just the cost of food. If you've got the luck you may even be able to stop on route.

Here or Vanuatu. Vanuatu aint great wind, it's great culture, amazing sites, volcanos, epic diving but given the choice for a kiting holiday go NC everytime.

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Postby piedroporto » Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:25 am

STOP... it's killing me already. to much quality... seems to nice. can't be true...

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Postby Myself » Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:54 am

Hi thanks for this info it sounds great, I am looking for a holiday in the pacific to go kitesurfing (kitesurfing the main aim :))

The holiday will be in July/Aug is New Caledonia good then, or will there be no wind?

Have you been to Vanatau or any where else thant you could recomend?


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Postby troy » Mon Jan 09, 2006 7:26 am

Bring your surfboard if there is no wind the waves are WORLD CLASS

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Postby LukaB » Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:34 pm

Been there! - it is all true!


If you have a chance go to surrounding islands on the north east! Some of the most beautifull places in the world.....

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