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Useful Info

Postby cumbucobrasil » Mon Feb 27, 2006 10:36 pm

We will start to list here all needed info about Cumbuco, Brasil.
Pls do not ask any querstion here, do start a new topic!


Ususally sunny with around 30°C. The sun can be aggressive, so make sure to bring sun lotion and block with you, as well as long clothes as sun protection on the water.
During the rainy season (February to April) expect sme clouded days and few, short rain showers. But you can count on sun every day during this period.
The official yearly average temperature is 27.2°C


Cumbuco has good winds almost all year round.
From May to February you will find excellent wind, almost daily.
The strongest wind will be in September to November. During the other months around 20 knots.
The rainy season is from February to April, with 0-2 rain showers daily, only for a short time. The rain clouds can bring 30 min of wind, but usually if it is dry, you can get wind with up to 20 knots. Make sure to bring a big kite during the rainy season, otherwise around 12 sqm.
The officially yearly average wind speed is 3.5 m/s.


You can have excellent waves with flat sections in between, or chop.
High tide can bring nice waves, low tide offers flat water. And anything in between can be possible.

For dead flat water you go to the Cumbuco Lagoon, which name is Barra do Cauipe.
Fastest access is driving on the beach with a buggy or 4x4. Takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on the tide.
But there are also 3 other access via the street, two are a bid hidden and take about 15 minutes.
The best street is all the way around the lake before the lagoon and takes about 20 minutes.


Currently these airlines fly directly to Fortaleza:

TAM - Miami, USA

Air Madrid - Madrid, Spain

Edelweiss Air - Zurich, Switzerland
Fortaleza Contact: T: (085) 32 42 44 86, F: 32 42 45 23

Martin Air - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Air Portugal (TAP) - Lisbon, Portugal

Fischer Air - Warschau, Poland

Daily flights from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are available.


Once arrived at the airport in Fortaleza, after you cleared all, you should go to the first floor, here you will find an international money machine (ATM).

There are also several banks in Fortaleza, but not all are international.

The banks which accept international withdrawals are:

Banco Brasil

The first 3 banks are all on one street in Fortaleza.
The closest ATM to Cumbuco is in Caucaja, about 15 drive by car from Cumbuco.

Soon there will be an international ATM in the center of Cumbuco.

The best exchange rate you will get if you use your saving account card (Maestro).

At weekends the maximum amount usually is 400 Reais, during the week 1000 Reais, depending if the ATM have enough cash.
But you can get from Monday thru Friday with a Visa creidt card and your passport up to 5.000 Reais at Banco Brasil.


A taxi ride from Cumbuco to Fortaleza is about 40-60 Reais.
Usually in front of the Eco Paradise Hotel you will find a taxi, but after it got dark, you need to call a taxi, since then you won't find any in Cumbuco.

A taxi ride from Fortaleza center will cost you 30-50 Reais.

Make sure to not ride by taximeter, but a agreed upon amount. If there are several taxis available, bargain for the price.


Nowadays Cumbuco has a lot more presence of the police, which make it very safe. No incidents reported since January 2006. In the center you will find a police and military police station.
Also on the lagoon during daytime police will control.


There is no hospital in Cumbuco, but any kind of hospital in Fortaleza, 30 min away. In the center of Cumbuco nowadays there is always an ambulance parked for immediate help.
Cumbuco has a small pharmacy, but in FOrtaleza you will find big pharmacies which offer everything.


Cumbuco has a lot of rooms in pousada, hotels, rooms, houses and appartments. The capacity is growing yearly.

Car Rentals:

Renting a car is easy. You need a passport, driver's license and a credit card. Usually the rental car companies are based in Fortaleza, but they either bring you a car to the airport or to Cumbuco.
Anything from a small car, buggy or 4x4 can be rented.

Note: you have to sign credit card slip with the agreed amount as deposit. You will be even charged if you are involved in an accident without being your fault.

Make sure to always have the rental contract, your driver's license and a copy of your passport with you.

You are not allowed to drive with sandals, bare foot is allowed.

Speed limit is 60 km/h, they do have 2 static speed radars on each way between Cumbuco and Fortaleza.

Kite Logistic:

Cumbuco has kite schools, private instructors, shops (not very well equiped yet), kite repair (over night possible).
The next village, Icarai, has two surf shops where you can buy anything surfing related.
Kiting spare parts are hard to get, so make sure to bring the most important with you.
Kites, boards and accessories can be rented.


Cumbuco has no nightlife yet, only a few bars.
But you will find great nightlife in Fortaleza. Easy to access with a rental car or taxi.
Not all clubs are good every day, you should follow this guide:

Monday: Pirata Bar (Brazilian live music)
Wednesday: Armazem (3 areas: Brazilian live music, House and misc.)
Thursday: Beach Lounge (Praia Futuro) (2 areas: House and misc)
Friday: Mucuripe (3 areas: Brazilian live music, House, Soul)
Saturday: Armazem (3 areas: Brazilian live music, House and misc.)

Super Market:

Right in the center you will find 2 super markets who have almost everything. In Fortaleza you will find big super markets with anything you need.

Real Estates:

Cumbuco is booming. Its great winds, perfect temperatures, easy lifestyle and still quiet cheap make it a nice place for foreigners to spend their winter or life.
More and more Europeans own houses, pousadas and hotels in Cumbuco.
Estimated 90 of the land in Cumbuco is owned by foreigners these days.
Prices are still cheap, but they are increasing a lot, since available land is very rare these days, pushing the prices further up.
The government just published plans for sewage and fresh water systems, new streets and high speed cables.
A big investor will build a golf course within the next 3-4 years, making the area even more attractive for investments.

Owing real estate is like in every country in Europe, with contracts, laws and official registries.


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