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Cozumel Wave Ranch Closed, Punta Sur Open!

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Cozumel Wave Ranch Closed, Punta Sur Open!

Postby CozumelTom » Fri Jan 19, 2007 7:08 am

Just back from 3 weeks in Cozumel and the bad news is the Mex Gov has closed the road access to the Wave Ranch for enviromental concerns. There are some other great riding spots along the East side that are getting more popular. Chen Rio, Playa Bonita and St Martins Beach are all great wave riding with restaurants right at the beach. With so many great areas, everyone is spreading out along the coast and the spots are never crowded. The good news is that Adrian from Cozumel Kiteboarding has made arrangements with the Managers at the Punta Sur Eco Park to allow kiting in this previously closed area. You can only go when accompanied by Adrian (PASA Certified) and you have to sign a waiver and pay the normal $10 entry fee. We rode the bay in front of the light house and it was some of the best riding I have had in 7 years of kiting. The bay is huge and you launch at the side of the bay from this great sandy point, no beach break! Close to the point the faces were 4-6 feet and out in the middle of the bay they were 10-14 feet. The closer you got to the lighthouse, the bigger the waves got. You choose your comfort zone and stay there. Cozumel waves don't break over a reef, just sand bottom, so they are very friendly and soft. Even if you screw-up, you don't get hammered. A small group of only 6 of us rode 12-9M kites and to say the day was "just f**king awesome" is an understatement. If you are heading to Cozumel, get a hold of Adrian and check this place out. When I am on my death bed at 99 years old, I will remember this session.

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Postby Thump » Thu Jan 25, 2007 5:52 pm

I just got back from 10 days in Cozumel, rented Tom's condo, and I must agree that the kiting scene is outstanding there.

I happened to hit it when a group of 20 from Charleston were down, and we kited every day. Nick from North was there all week and had all the goodies - 10, 12, 14, 16 Vegas 07 and 10, 14 Rhino 07 all the new North boards, etc. Also, one of the guys owns a shop in Charleston, so he came with a ton of demo gear. Litewave Dave showed up for a couple of days with his boards and GK kites. It was absolutely a great time to try new gear out, and I sincerely appreciate all who helped make the trip so much fun.

Tom's condo is about 30 steps from the main kiting beach in Cozumel. I did not know him before renting his place, but I am so pleased that I chose to stay there. He totally hooked me up with recomendations for kiting locations, rental car info, diving operators, kite instructors, resturant recs, and put me in touch with many of his friends. He was a very gracious host who wanted me to have a great time, and his condo is beautifully furnished, very comfortable, and the location is simply the best. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay while kiting, or just a great getaway in Cozumel (location is perfect even for non-kiters.)

I will definitely be back next year.


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How could I have missed this post!!

Postby AdrianCZM » Sun Jan 28, 2007 6:27 am

Tom, thanks for the kind words on your post. You know? it really makes me happy when I hear things like that as makes me realized that I have been doing a good job for the sport here in the island. At the end, thats how all got started, meeting nice people on the streets and taking them Kitting. had not been achived with out the friendship of many many people, Jeff, Hunter, Adam, Keith(in peace you are), Phil, the Toms, Nicole, Z, Dan, Dimitri, LW Dave, Foka, Mark, and the Canada crew, the NW crew, the SC and NC crew, TX crew, Montana Crew, the Japanesse crew, and Kiteforum as well ohh man there are so many names now that I lost track and sorry if Im missing any of you guys that have made of Cozumel a great destination for Kiting. Im sure Im missing alot of you guys names, sorry you are in our thought and pics!! All thank you.

Steve, it was really nice meeting you after exchanging many mails upon your arrival to Cozumel and also enjoyed receiving you at the AIR Retreat Houses we had in Cozumel. I was happy you could try all of this guys gear and also that had some of the fun with us. And dude, that day at the lagoon after being the guard of all of them for over 4 hours Yeah I had to show off and go kiting with the rest of the people, usually we work 4 hours and the rest is all fun and had to pay the extra to the other people that gave us the boat rides back and forth and stayed until dark for over 8hrs. I will try to have Anthony to post some of the Killer Kiting we had that day at the lagoon for all of us to see.

Wishing good winds to all of you!!


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CZM Video

Postby Anthony » Sun Jan 28, 2007 9:59 pm

I shot 5 hours (60 Gigs!) of video with Adrian and the Charleston, SC crew in Cozumel.

Here's 3 minutes 22 seconds of it. Excuse the picture quality due to file compression.

HERE'S THE LINK: ... 26&Itemid=

Adrian, THANKS! for a great time and the warm hospitality! I will send you the full video on DVD as soon as I'm done editing it.

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