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Prices and kite schools in Cabarete

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Prices and kite schools in Cabarete

Postby dakz » Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:21 pm

I am preparing my trip to Cabarete in July and need some advice...
I will be travelling with my girlfried, and being a lady of course she wants to take looots of stuff like shower gel, shampoo, sun cream, after sun lotion, ...etc :roll:
Since this adds lots of weight to the board bags and beeing concious of the weight restrictions I was wondering if all this things are available in Cabarete. Are the usual brands available? (Nivea, Loreal...etc) And at what prices?
Also what about surfwear clothing? Are boardshorts...etc cheaper there than here in Europe?

Also could someone please recommend a good kite school for an absolute begginer? My girlfried has never had any kite lessons and would like to try out in Cabarete.

Many thanks in advance and keep on riding !!!

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