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Searching for some tips about Bora Bora =))

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Searching for some tips about Bora Bora =))

Postby Zzzheneira » Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:37 pm

Well, actually now we are planning a big kite trip (it'll be a team trip) to Bora Bora that will take place approximately this May. To tell the truth I’ve browsed a lot through the Internet and haven’t found any contacts with any spot on Bora Bora. By the way as far as I’ve learnt the most interesting one is Le pointe Matira. Actually I still wonder whom should I turn to or consult about staying and kiting on Bora Bora. I mean people who will be interested in our kite trip as a receiving party if I can put it like this.

Thanks in advance =))

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