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Morocco POLL: Accommodation / Car rental

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 10:11 am
by OttoB

For you who have been to Morocco. Please share some useful info.

This is a POLL. Please copy paste the questions you choose to answer into your reply.

1. Did you book an accommodation in advance?
2. Do you think getting accommodation upon arrival would be considerably cheaper?
3. What city? What hotel? - did you stay in.
4. What class of accommodation was this? Options:
Low (private room in hostel or motel, *-**),
Med (OK hotel room ***),
High (somewhat fancy room(s) and beyond ****-*****)
5. Was it OK for the price?
6. What was the price?
7. What type of car did you have for what price?
8. From what company?
9. Where you happy with the arrangement?
10. What was you favorite area (city) in regards to kite surfing?
11. What month of the year where you there?
12. What would you think the optimal Bow kite size would have been during you stay?
14. Any comments on security or health?
13. Other comments?

I am exited about Marocco. Found cheap flights; Ryanair 60 € London-Marrakesh and 90€ one way flight to Essaouira with royalairmaroc. Plenty of wind. I wound statistics on and

Thank you! Safe kiteing!