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travel to Paros-Pounda, accomodation?

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travel to Paros-Pounda, accomodation?

Postby bocian » Wed Aug 22, 2007 8:21 am

Those who have already been there-what's the journey to the spot?
What are the fees for ferries, other transfers(?) ?

What's the best possibility to sleep on the spot? Are there any apartments for rent, or a hotel?

Is it common to put up a tent there, next to the kite schools?

Plan to go there in the very beginning of September, who else?:)
Thanks for any contacts, info!...

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Postby doublerumandcoke » Sat Aug 25, 2007 10:54 pm

Just spent 2 days there. Nice spot good winds.
Ferrys were 45 euro each way (a little expensive) but that was for the 3 hour fast ones. Maybe the slower larger ferries are cheaper. Check Blue Star ferries.
Accomodation, i was in the port and 50 Euro a ight inc breakfast. There is camping quite close to the kite beach but not that close i reckon to get yourself a funky moped to get around. They are cheap to hire. Not sure if you can camp behind the kite centres as no one was. Plus theres a lack of facilities.

Enjoy the spot, should be less crowded form Monday as most go back to work in Greece.

ps. Small kites spot. 9m 12m (max)

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