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 Post subject: Cozumel Air Retreat photos and thanks!
PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:15 pm 
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I want to thank Adam and Elea from Aircompany and Adrian from Cozumel Kiteboarding for hosting and organizing a truly fantastic trip. I've been involved in this sport for almost eight years and I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences I've had. I would encourage all of you to consider checking out Cozumel and/or being part of the retreat next year!

We had great wind with the exception of the last two days, by which time most of us were ready for a reprieve anyway...we rode in front of the house and made numerous trips by both panga and " mini - ummer " to the wave coast and the lagoons to the North. The water is super warm, crystal clear and full of fish, making for great snorkeling and diving. We ate and drank like kings and queens and the beachfront house and adjoining condos were ideal. Adrian owns and runs a fantastic restaurant called Especias, which is just up the street from his kite shop. If you hit it up be sure to try the steamed fish.

Overall, a great mix of riding, food, sun, partying, island life, and most importantly, a great group of people! Industry reps included myself, Litewave Dave and LF's Davey Blair, who made the trip all the way from Hawaii to attend.



Ocean Rodeo

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 Post subject: Re: Cozumel Air Retreat photos and thanks!
PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:28 pm 
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I second the thanks to the Air Company crew for the planning and especially the Cozumel locals,
Adrian, Paco and their crews for their hospitality. We had it all this year: great kiting from behind the house at Country Club estates, great flat water in the lagoons, upwinders and downwinders from the house to the lagoons and back, great waves in Punta Sur, and plenty of evening hydration therapy to keep us all well lubricated.

Once again, a very diverse but good karma crew. Got to ride with a lot of buddies from last year's retreat as well as making many new friends from this year's trip.

In the words of Evan and Geoff, who became known as "The Canadians":

We Were Pretty Much Givin' 'er, Eh?

p.s. Thanks Evan for letting me borrow the Rise 14 after I killed my Rebel 14. Great Kite!!

File comment: the Villa Rosmar showroom
DSC_0951.JPG [ 1.43 MIB | Viewed 199 times ]
File comment: Lightwave Dave's next full page GK ad - I want a royalty
DSC_0873.JPG [ 1.54 MIB | Viewed 197 times ]
File comment: Paco - High Pass @ Punta Sur
DSC_0814.JPG [ 1.31 MIB | Viewed 193 times ]
File comment: Paco - Ragdollin' it @ Punta Sur
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 Post subject: Re: Cozumel Air Retreat photos and thanks!
PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 2:58 pm 
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Epic for sure, can't wait till next year

Chucktown that shit!!

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 Post subject: Re: Cozumel Air Retreat photos and thanks!
PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:37 pm 
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As we usually called it: KITE INVASION, KITE EXPLOSION!! It was really nice to see you guys again for the second time in the island. We had a terrible week of wind the week before you guys come and for sure Adam and I where scared that for this year we where going to be stuck with no wind. Well good will and good faith always help and also some witchcraft and animal sacrifices help the Mayan Wind God PAKAL be on our side all the time.

It was a great experiece to tri the newest gear from Ocean Rodeo RISE, amazing kite 10mt, veru controlable and great lift, now I knwo why the name RISE and also the Mako board that I have been using for the last few days. Evan, again thanks. By the way, the 12mt that I bought from you to resell I will keep it!!! might other a new one to my client pretty soon.

Lite wave dave, thanks alot also for letting us try your new V sonic and Rasta boards, we all had a blast checking it out and the WING dude thats a supper cool cruising board.

Adam and Elea, no matter how much break down we had this year, It was all much fun and no one got stuck anywhere, Damn Mini-Ummers!!!! LOL By the way, My truck its going to the service after all the beat up and also Thanks alot to all the people that drove the ECO CARS and help prevent the global warming or warning?

Hey all, Scott (great riding this year, impressed), Jeff, Sack (the two) Burt, Amy, torish,Parish (kiss to the capt),Joe (glat to take you out from Jail) Noah, Parker, Tammy, Chuck Town you left your Fcking amazing Liquid force harness in my truck and I will send it the Cristies house for an auction, im sure we can make good money from it. Also somebody left a nice balck jacket that I will use whenver there is snow in cozumel. Well all of you THANKS, for trusting cozumelkiteboarding.com and for me specially. And also thanks to PACO from pacoskiteboarding.com that all the time its the party of the island.

Looking after seeing you guys again next year for new stories to tell

Adrian Angulo

PS, you have to check out the Pic of me Jumping the Boat on Kiteboardingmag!!!!
And also sorry for the fisherman that we meet on the lagoon. We are working on it and trying to educate them that Kitebaording its a low impact sport to the enviroment and that also they can get the benefits from it instead of beinghooking the poor fish wich at the end that scares more the fish than a kite passing over.

 Post subject: Re: Cozumel Air Retreat photos and thanks!
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 7:44 pm 
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Its Tommy not Tammy, Adrian.

But, hey you can call me whatever you want if you'll give me some work down there!
Great to see you again, Adrian. You hooked us up with a sweet week on your island. Tell your clones I said thanks as well.
See ya next year

"Hey check us out!" :naughty:


 Post subject: Re: Cozumel Air Retreat photos and thanks!
PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 2:38 am 
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Adam & Elea,

Photos and comments look great. Maybe next year,

Our new Rebel and Underground board are awesome in the CA waves! :thumb:


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