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My wife and I just had the best kite holiday yet ...

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My wife and I just had the best kite holiday yet ...

Postby El_Gran_Extractor » Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:33 pm

Travel report: Kitesurfing in the Caribbean February 2008

So after being in Brazil, Isla Coche (Isla Margarita), Egypt, Dakhla (Morocco), it was time for something new. We decide to go for a boat cruise in the Caribbean. After a search on the internet we decided to go for the company Caribbean Kitesurfing (" onclick=";return false;). Simone and Eric are a couple of kitesurfers and they have their own boat on which they do kitesurfing tours on the islands. Up until 6 people you go with a sailboat, for more people they make use of a catamaran.
We flew with Air France to Martinique and that’s were we hooked up with them. We advice not to fly with Air France because Corsair or Caribbean Winds are much cheaper and you can take for example 40 kg with you with Corsair.
Anyway we arrived at night and we went immediately to the boat. We felt like “pirates in the Caribbean”, going with a dingy in the clear waters of the harbour navigating around all the boats.
The day after we immediately went kiting at Martinique. Good winds and beautiful water, real palm trees and a super atmosphere … what do you want more as a kiter?
The following day some other kiters went onboard. Real good kiters from France, Hubert and Gerome, we learned a lot of tricks from them.
After that the real holiday began, sailing from spot to spot and kiting at some of the most magic places on earth. Especially the Tobago Cays … amazing … the clearest water ever seen, palm trees, almost no one on the water, white sandy beaches, solid 20 knots wind. WOW. The fun thing is that Eric as a kiter can tell you everything about the spots: there is a reef, watch out, there you can start, the current is this or that. That’s very cool, you feel very safe. And Simone or Eric are always there with the dingy if something goes wrong.
And before, between and after kiting you have the luxury of 2 very good cooks and the comfort and luxury of being on a boat right next to the kite spot.
Costs: 650$ per week per person and 35$ more each day if you want al the food included, which is very cheap considering how expensive the Caribbean is.
I think 10 days if a minimum is you really want to see the best spot, 14 days is much better.
We will certainly go back next year.
The best season to go is from December trough June.

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Re: My wife and I just had the best kite holiday yet ...

Postby Frankieboy » Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:47 pm

that looks nice. Thanks for sharing.

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