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Kitesafari Mid Jan08 from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara

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Kitesafari Mid Jan08 from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara

Postby Cumbuco-Hostel » Fri Feb 29, 2008 11:13 pm

Hi all,

seven days Kitesafari from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara.

It was a great trip ... a bit of adventure on wodden rafts we crossed

rivers ... Some pics we would like to share with you ...

Same trips we will arrange for the hole 08 season ... stop by ...

See you soon" onclick=";return false;
KiteSafari Jan 2008 341.jpg
KiteSafari Jan 2008 315.jpg
KiteSafari Jan 2008 212.jpg
KiteSafari Jan 2008 185.jpg
KiteSafari Jan 2008 170.jpg
KiteSafari Jan 2008 115.jpg
KiteSafari Jan 2008 075.jpg
KiteSafari Jan 2008 053.jpg
KiteSafari Jan 2008 041.jpg
KiteSafari Jan 2008 023.jpg

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Re: Kitesafari Mid Jan08 from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara

Postby nicokite » Sat Mar 08, 2008 5:05 pm

What is the wind like in Jeri in January????

I thought the season was more mid-year, or do you have wind all year??

Thank you

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