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Just been to Soma Bay, Egypt

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Just been to Soma Bay, Egypt

Postby Dr_Rosen » Sun Mar 09, 2008 1:36 pm

I have just returned from one week in Soma Bay, Egypt. I will here make a short description and include a few pictures.

We arrived 28th Feb and left March 6th. I used the following kites per day (my weight 93 kg):
Day 1 (Feb 29th): RRD HT2 10.5m + Spleene session
Day 2: HT2 10.5 m + Nobile 555 135x40cm
Day 3: RRD Type9 9m + Nobile 555 135x40cm
Day 4: RRD Type9 9m + Nobile 555 135x40cm
Day 5: HT2 15m + Spleene Door (only an hour or so). Only wind in the morning
Day 6: No wind

Excellent wind the first 4 days out of 6 days - between 50-60 km/hour day 2-4.

We rode at Surfmotion next to the InterContinental hotel (" onclick=";return false;). Actually we lived on the other side of the lagoon, but went there by taxi every day to get sideshore and shallow water.
The wind was more or less North all the time.
It's a nice spot, but a comment is that the areas you kite is either very shallow or very deep. Not really anything in between. The shallow area is a huge area, but it is only 5-10 centimeter deep. Fine for riding but a little shallow for tricks. The deep area is .... well deep!

The surf center is a nice place with good atmosphere and very good service from the crew.
4½ days with wind out of 6 days in early March is not a bad statistic. Later in the season it gets even better we were told. We choose Soma Bay because rumour said there was more wind there. One afternoon a rider came by taxi all the way from El Gouna (80-100 km) because they had no wind. At that day we had +30 knots!

Highly recommended place to go kiting and to see amasing coral revs! Besides that ......... well it is in the middle of the desert, so not that much old village atmosphere etc. 8)

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