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Yemen Socotra

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Yemen Socotra

Postby agakan » Mon May 05, 2008 10:59 am

Hi, i am planning a kiteboarding trip to socotra, can anybody of you please provide me some informations:
how are the windconditions there from december to january. is there still enough wind for kiteboarding during that time?
what´s the best season for kiteboarding in socotra in general?
which hotel/accommodation can you recommend?
is it possible to rent a car there and to drive by ourselfs? or is it better to rent a guide?
can you provide me some contactadresses?
where are the best spots for kiteboarding on this island?
how about the safety: terrorism, kidnapping, sharks, offshorewinds,currents, there any danger we have to be aware of.

which airlines provides flights to socotra. is it the only way to go there by air via Saala?

many questions, i hope there is somebody out there who can support us...
many thanks in advance
alex and tom

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