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Any good kiting, beaches, nightlife in Puerto Rico?

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Any good kiting, beaches, nightlife in Puerto Rico?

Postby Caesar » Sat May 17, 2008 4:07 pm


Is there any good kiting in Puerto Rico? I prefer flat clear water. I want to go there mid January until end of February or go in between on a trip to one of the Caribean Islands (maybe 2 or 3 weeks in between).
I'm flexible. My original plan was Brazil but after reading this forum it seems there is no good wind from end of January onwards.
Unfortunately I have to fly the long leg from Australia via LAX and MIA. Maybe there is another good suggestion with easy access from MIA if Puerto Rico is not that great?
I'm open for any suggestions. I prefer a clean beach and water, not too expensive (eg. no ripoff prices as they have in Tahiti) and (wireless) Internet access (unfortunately I have to work on the laptop for 2 hours every day).
Thank you for any help/suggestions.

Caesar :bye:

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Re: Any good kiting, beaches, nightlife in Puerto Rico?

Postby detourpr » Sat May 17, 2008 4:53 pm

Although its supposed to be surfing season, this year's February was excellent in PR. We had good winds almost everyday.There were many 20+ knots days and some over 25.
The best Flat water spot in the island is Parguera - that's south west. You get to the launching spot in a boat. Launching spot is 2-3 feet deep water. Water is crystal clear, a huge area protected by reef and channels. Luijo from CaribbeanXtreme is the local kite instructor and guide. He has a huge boat and receives kiters from the states year round. His email is He will take care of your accomodations, transportation, etc. He is also a Slingsht and Misfit rep.

In San Juan it's better for choppy waters and wave riding at that time of the year. The local instructors and pro's are Antoine and Phil at

If you want to kite a day with big waves at Isabela (west), you can go with Luijo or the Carver brothers.

Night life in PR is always great and everything will be a lot cheaper than HI. Also, PR being part of the states, you won't need a busy, you'll use the same US currency and you get, along with the loca food restaurants, most US franchises and stores.

Hope this helps!

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