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Asia kitesurfing spots?

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Re: Asia kitesurfing spots?

Postby luke-warmwater » Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:13 am

A word of advice,, I've been to Chumphon a couple of times and in reality the wind is poor. The normal pattern in high season would see about 3 windy days followed by 5 or 6 windless days. Last time I was there (peak season), we sat around for days on end with no wind. I met a pair of Germans who'd been there 15 days and been on the water just once. I think its too big a risk for a 2 week break, especially as its a long, long trip from Bangkok. Maybe different if you're going for a couple of months and prepared to wait it out. You also have to hope that when the wind does blow, it doesnt coincide with high tide as this reduces the beach to nothing and makes launching and landing very tricky and sometimes impossible.

The other big drawback is the SANDFLIES. The beach is full of them and they are evil and merciless. When you first arrive you wonder why no-one is sunbathing on the beach but after about 20 minutes of being eaten alive you soon pack up and sit inside. This is a great shame as it means that non-kiting partners wont enjoy it so much. If you're thinking of spending those endless, windless days lazing on the beach, think again.

And if all that isnt enough... last year there was a gang of thieves targetting the tourists and a lot of stuff was stolen from rooms. People lost money, credit cards, laptops, passports etc. Some people were left in a deep mess with no money or passports.

The beach at Chumphon (Tung Wae Len) is a quiet place with little nightlife so dont expect there to be much going on. Nice if you want to relax but too quiet for some.

When the wind does blow, it a good spot, but the negatives outweigh the positives for me and there are better options in Asia with much better wind stats, better nightlife and no sandflies! Its an awful long way to go to sit around waiting for the wind to come while you get eaten alive.

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Re: Asia kitesurfing spots?

Postby mexicanshoes » Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:43 am

Well i have been in Chumphon last year from mid october to end of december and it was windy most of the time. Actually i was very happy with the season there. I took a 12 m and a 9 m there and i spent about half of my time riding on the 9m kite.Winds even picked up pretty Strong with north easterly winds and swell taking half of the beach away and most trees fell.Even had to take my 6m out that day. Chumphon is probably the windiest place in Thailand during the North easterly wind season and it always get 3 to 5 knots stronger than Hua Hin.
Place is very laid back and not so touristic. small bungalows by the beach are quite cheap. The bay is awesome and is what you see in a postcard.. Some action and night life in Chumphon town 15 klm away. Definitly not a party place but as far as i am concerned the best for kitesurfing in Thailand.

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Re: Asia kitesurfing spots?

Postby trod27 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:38 am

sorry to be a pest again. I went to Macau and did not kite as it was to difficult. I am told I will go back end of September. I need to make it happen this time. I am researching on Splocs and Toby's great summary by month ( this could be my issue as I do not see anything in Asia September- October)
First choice Vietnam
Next choices Philippines, Taiwan. I would be flying from Macau or Hong Kong.
splocs depending on where you go puts October marginal?
I am a advanced rider. I like power. I can ride waves marginally. I like swell and chop. I am big at 6' 220.
I would like to bring my surf board but cant, so rental gear would be nice. a friend of mine recommends Mr. Lee in Mui Ne
thanks in advance.

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Re: Asia kitesurfing spots?

Postby ChickenTikka » Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:28 am

I've been living in Asia for six years (specifically India). I've spent a lot of time flying looking for a decent spot. First off, skip Goa and India. You get maybe one good week there in March/April per year. If you happen to be there anyway, the beach is Morjim in North Goa.

The wind in Thailand is pretty marginal as well. Unless you are very light I would not go to Thailand with the expectation of doing much. If you are a 90 pound girl that only likes to do unhooked raley style tricks then Hua Hin might be ok for you around March-April. If you are a full grown man, youll be lucky if you can stay upwind most of the time. Go to Thailand, for other reasons. Bring your golf clubs. Rent your kite gear. You will need the former much more than the latter.

I've been to Mui Ne, Vietnam around New Years two years back. I had pretty marginal wind. Though there were some good days. The place is dirt cheap though for what you get. I got a decent hotel room for 30 dollars a day, and that was peak season. I don't think they have much going on before November and I think there season really ends by March or even earlier. That said, I went there almost two years ago and I haven't really been in a hurry to get back. Other places I go back to all of the time.

Haven't been to Boracay (because its hard to get to) but have actually heard lots of crappy things from other people. Wind is so so. Water is filthy. It's crowded.

Taiwan might be too windy. Haven't been there, but I'm definitely impressed by their stats.

NW Sri Lanka is the best place in the Indian Ocean side of Asia to go kiting. Bar none. The weather is great, the wind is 24/7. Season is May to September. There is also an off season as well, but I haven't experienced it so won't recommend it. During that time of year, I usually fly to other places like South Africa. There is very little in terms of tourist infrastructure, although a few hotels have popped up. This might be one of the few spots in Asia where you can actually rely on Windguru or Windfinder for a pretty accurate forecast. This means I am never disappointed when I go, because I just wait for the wind to be good on wind guru. I'm 6/6 on my trips there. That's pretty special in Asia.

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