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Southern France Kiting Spot

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Southern France Kiting Spot

Postby harleyboy » Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:28 am

Looking at some possible trips and Southern France is one option. I was hoping someone could tell me what the hot spots are? Also, if we were to go in late April would it be worthwhile?

The other option is Perth in February.

Any info would be great.



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Re: Southern France Kiting Spot

Postby Toby » Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:50 pm

lots of spots listed on

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Re: Southern France Kiting Spot

Postby harleyboy » Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:13 pm

thanks for the note toby. I am familiar with Maybe I am missing something but to be honest I struggle with the value of It really does not seem to have valuable context or commentary on what are the "best spots" or the "hot spots". At least I can't find them. To me it is a list of spots overlaid on a google map with some brief info on each spot. As someone looking to plan a trip it really doesn't give me any insight into why that is the best spot for me. When I look at the south of france there are dozens on the map. I have NO idea where to start. A more valuable resource I have seen is a small book that came in the Kiteworld Mag a few years back. It has a bunch of descriptions on each spot, what the surround area is, why it is a good spot etc. For some reason I find there is something missing in with respect to this. That is why I posted in this forum. I wanted to find some real people that have been to some cool spots in the south of france that might have some insight and commentary.

Seems like pushing everyone to kitebeaches is kinda "killing the conversation" in this forum.

When I look for places to go I tend to look for blogs or forums(like this one) or I hit up my network on Twitter and Facebook.

Might be an interesting idea to rethink kitebeaches to incorporate some of the web 2/3 concepts.

Just one man's opinion. that I have completely highjacked my own thread...if anyone has any good insight into South of France I am all ears. Happy to share my thoughts on kiting in western Canada if anyone is interested.


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Re: Southern France Kiting Spot

Postby Dirk » Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:27 pm

Only know the area around Almanarre/Hyeres up to St.Tropez. Can be really windy in February when the Mistral is on for some days.
For wind statistics have a look at or similar. February can be pretty cold.
In Mistral conditions (west/north westerly winds) Alamanare is the best spot in that area. On southerly to easterly winds there are some options in the direction towards St. Tropes, like Cavaliere sur Mer, Pampelonne, St. Aygulf.

All nice spots when they work but not epic. There are more spots towards Marseille and a lot further west towards Montpellier/Carmargue.

I think if had the chance to go to Perth instead I would do that. February is still there windy season, I believe. Or I would go to Cape Town.

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Re: Southern France Kiting Spot

Postby adri1 » Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:07 pm

Hey Harleyboy,
there are litterally dozens of great spots in southern france. The most well known spots are probably in the Leucate area. The wind (Tramontane) can be very strong and gusty there, so don't forget your small kite!
Close to Arles, Beauduc possibly is the best spot, it is a huge bay where you can kitesurf with every wind direction, there are even some flatwater areas, but access is difficult and there are plenty of agressive mosquitos there. Anyway it is very popular with kiters, sleeping in vans / tents right on the beach... you will feel at the end of the world

L'almanarre (close to Hyères) has also a couple of very famous spots.

Another good option if you visit france is to head north-west and visit Bretagne (Brittany). It is a wild, "cold" and often wet area but it is wonderful and there are also plenty of kite / surf spots (for instance La Torche).

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