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Vietnam Tours, you got to check it out!!

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Vietnam Tours, you got to check it out!!

Postby Puetz » Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:39 am


I have posted this on already, but I wanted you guys to know about this place too!

We just got back from Vietnam and did a tour with Vietnam Kitesurfing Tours and had an epic epic epic time, some of the best kiting I've ever had, from waves double over head to the most ultra flat water I've ever seen. Anthony, Scott and Twannie have a very special magic spot.

Anthony has done the hard yards with the local government and millitary and has gotten the rights to go there (its a military zone so you need permission, you can only go there with VKT and he takes care of the paperwork).

We drove 2.5 hours from Mui Ne, watching the latest kite videos so you get pumped up to the max, along the way he shows you a map and talks about where to kite and what to watch out for, makes you feel safe, giving you a run down so you know exactly what your up for!. When you get there he then takes you to a sand dune and physically shows you pointing out things to watch out for!!

Basically there is a gap in a reef about 10 km long so if you go up wind or down wind you get a left or right hander wave, but if you want you can go on the inside of the reef and you have the most ultra flat water or go to the middle of the reef gap and have swell riding but the best part is the waves breaking around the reef. Ants Pants is on the left side, Reddogs Bowl on the right. We had 25 to 30 knots for most of the day with a couple hours of 30 to 35. Because of the location they have there own micro climate so this place gets wind almost all of the time. Mui Ne had nothing and yet we had 30 knots, what a place.

The average size kite is 7m on the first day, the next trip we did 9m was average, but it has been know that you can get lower wind but usually only in the off season and Ant wouldn't go anyway. A lot of the guys used surf boards, I used my twin tip. My wife is still learning and was intimidated at first, loved it, she stayed in the flat water and loved it, even though it can get hard core rough, once your in it, its a blast, she ended up getting deeper and closer to the waves skirting the edges gaining confidence. Next time we go we will do the 3 day tour for sure. You bring surf boards to twin tips, you can use them all. Ant had 3 beach boys so they help you rig up so your not waisting time and get out there a quick as you can, look after your stuff on the beach, and especailly launch and land you.

Every thing is taken care of, great food, beer and soft drinks supplied all day, and at the end of the day, as the sun just disappears we jump on the bus back to Mui Ne, 15 minutes away, we visit the smiling Buddha where you have a moment with the monks, amazing. The trip back is buzzing, like a bus full of school girls, talking about the days amazing sessions we had. Some how the trip back is shorter, if your not careful you end up pissed off your nut, as the cold beers are freely flowing.

I would highly recommend you go on one of the tours, we found it via our hotel kite school, but if you search the net you can find out more details.

Highly highly highly recommended, check out Vietnam Tours.



ps coming home is a big come down!!

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