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kitesurfing in November

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kitesurfing in November

Postby JasonWPD » Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:01 pm

Hello all!

I'm looking for a place that I can kitesurf (key word is 'surf' as I prefer waves) in the month of november. Nov. 5th to the 13th to be specific.

Here's what has to happen to make it work though...
-must be a hot/no wetsuit destination
-must have surf/sup break close for the girlfriend
-must be girlfriend proof (hot/not wetsuit n other things to do etc..)

Yes I have looked at the destination guides but all the Nov. spots are very far away from Victoria, BC Canada. Flying for 25-30hrs each way for a week to Oz, Brazil, Africa etc.. is not happenin'

Just so you don't think I haven't done my research:
-Cabarete $1200 flights such bs
-La Ventana been there done that and no waves
-N Costa Rica wind yes, cheap flights yes but no surf close for the mrs. n I've heard it's gusty?!
-Hawaii hahaha ya right, not on a student's budget
-Yucatan Nov is on the cusp of wind/no wind and would have to 'all inclusive' it...

If anybody can recommend a spot I'd really appreciate it. If anybody can convince me (with facts/links) that I can do DR or Hawaii on a budget that would be awesome!!

If everything falls through, I may end up spending my only week off from school on some all inclusive resort with no wind or waves!!!!! ugh that would suck!!!!

thanks for your time

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Re: kitesurfing in November

Postby mvandijk » Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:29 pm

Hi Jason,

I run a kitesurf center so I am biased but cannot resist to reply because it seem so obvious...

consider Sao Vicente (one of the Cape Verde islands).

The only VERY negative point: getting the flight INFO is virtually impossible! (the flying is convenient and not expensive).
Because it is so difficult, we had to create a flight brochure ourselves , telling clients how to get there from London, Manchester, Boston, Amsterdam etc.

If you want to have more info, please ask. Our website can be found with the usual search engines. Just type something like kitesurfing and Sao Vicente.


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Re: kitesurfing in November

Postby zarahzarahzarah » Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:43 am

Check out this spot! ... _Farm.html

It has flat water, wind, and waves all in the same spot! The beach is private also so there won't be people loitering around.

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