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Puerto Rico: Melia or Wyndham

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Puerto Rico: Melia or Wyndham

Postby puchanix » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:11 am

I am planning a trip to Puerto Rico with my extended family for December. My relatives need a 4/5 start hotel so I am considering the Melia and the Wyndham. The Wyndham seems to be at a kite spot (Rio Mar Beach) but the Melia seems nicer. Any locals have feedback for me? How is the kiting in front of the Wyndham? Is there a spot I can walk to from the Melia? If not, which is the nearest spot and how long does it take to get there?

Or, is there another 4/5 star hotel/villa I should consider? I see a couple of places in the Isabella region (near Jobos & Shacks) but they seem more like 3 star level and I am worried my relatives won't be happy there...



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Re: Puerto Rico: Melia or Wyndham

Postby Manuel V » Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:30 pm

For kite Wyndham Rio Mar is better choice than the Melia.

For more information on the area you can contact Phil,

He is the North rep. and he usually give lessons
in front of the Wyndham and also in the Ocean Park and Puntas las Marias.

In the Isla Verde and Condado Area you would find 4/5 star hotels and they're at 10 minutes drive from the airport. In all that coast you can kite at Isla Verde Beach, Punta las Marias and Ocean Park.

On the Isla Verde Area you can find the 15knots kite school Juan Carlos is the owner and Cabrinha rep., they are located at a small boutique hotel but is at walking distance from the 4/5 star hotels.

Hotel El conquistador is another option near the Wyndham, the hotel guest can take the ferry to Palomino Island.
The first part of the attach video was film at Palominito Island in the back you can see the
Palomino Island

Now you have more options...............................................

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Re: Puerto Rico: Melia or Wyndham

Postby zerium » Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:21 pm

I'm sure you already went to PR and found some great spots to kite. Melia launch isn't great (small beach) but, there is TONS of flat water at the right tide. I was pleasantly surprised when we stayed their for our honeymoon that it was such a good spot that I just lucked into. Granted plenty of better spots in PR but, for right in front of your hotel you can't beat it.

Just super expensive to stay there if you bring your own car and/or plan on eating there... $16 a day to park when I was there and we had to sneak food and beer/wine in. Spent most of our time driving around. Real Watersports in Hatteras has some places at Shacks if you are looking for surf and a much more laid back vibe. Eastern PR is nice but the western and SW side is definitely more chill.

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