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Kalpitiya / Sri Lanka report 2012

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Re: Kalpitiya / Sri Lanka report 2012

Postby moret » Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:09 pm


Kitesurfinglanka open is new camp at Kappalady lagoon (freestyle lagoon).
Kitesurfinglanka are famous for the great services they offer they are number one on tripadvisor : ... vince.html

Kappalady kitecamp is next to kappaly lagoon : please find all informations on this link :

The camp will be specialist on coaching and kite trip.

Please come and visit, opening 1 june 2017.

perfect flat water spot with laminar wind, good food, good accommodation and good vibe, what else

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Re: Kalpitiya / Sri Lanka report 2012

Postby mondy » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:36 pm

Hey all!
The Rascals Kite Resort have opened in December their new camp right on the lagoon, it's the only kite resort which can offer a swimming pool, choice of aircon rooms AND true doorstep kiting, i.e. get up, pump your kite and kite right in front of the premises in the Lagoon. We sometimes even teach here, when we are lazy. It is also THE ONLY kite resort with a proper boat for trips, equipped with a 115 HP Mercury Engine and a real speedboat. You don't get soaked and it doesnt take AT LEAST 1hr 30 min to get to the Vella Island (if not more). Moreover no need for costly and TIME CONSUMING boat shuttles, truck shuttles etc, we do REAL doorstep kiting on our flat water spot. For all this info check out and our TripAdvisor REAL reviews.
Have fun!

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Re: Kalpitiya / Sri Lanka report 2012

Postby Renuu » Tue May 23, 2017 12:09 pm

Hay happy kiters is in partnership with to bring you kiting experience in kalpitiya.
our In-house kite school provides lessons, rental and excursions to various kiting spots in and around Kalptiya.
Our accommodation consist of eco chalet and AC rooms with very large swimming pool and pool bar to unwind after long day of kitesurfing

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Re: Kalpitiya / Sri Lanka report 2012

Postby The Ruuk » Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:44 pm

Its been ages since one of us dropped in here :-)
Just realized that the last input from you was not answered. Was googling for something else, when this post popped up :-)

To a certain extent you are right , during the summer month not every kiter is able to start from Ruuk Village entrance, but almost after 8 kiting seasons, we can say that one can launch south of our entrance. And a down winder is almost always feasible too ( during May till Oct).
We installed the first ever WindGuru station in Sri lanka last year 2016 during summer:

And you can check the wind LIVE, since the station is fixed to our Entrance Gate, one should actually add around 8 - 10 knots to derive at the right reading ( during May - Oct ) and 3 - 5 during December to March time frame.

Here is our from "Bed to Board" short clip taken few season back :

And this is our latest video, from above, we have treid to capture a typical day in our small ( 9000 sqm ) village with 8 wooden cabanas by the water :

@Mde Hey by the way, not far from your place in madurankuliya Villa, we have a small coconut plot ( around 5000 sqm), where we are going to have few cabanas in December. The beach front at your place is just amazing. Soon we will be neighbours too. Looking forward to meet you in person.

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Re: Kalpitiya / Sri Lanka report 2012

Postby stefdec » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:16 pm

Because a video of Kalpitiya is better than all the words 😊

phpBB [video]

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