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California for July?

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:52 am
by Solokiter
Hey All,

I am planning a trip with my partner to Los Angeles in late July 2013. She is going for a holiday and will travel to New York, while I just want to chill on the beach and kite. :D

Can any locals advise me on accommodation, riding locations and wind consistency around this time? I understand the whole coast has multiple riding options, and I can travel. Is it worth just staying in San Fran, as I understand it is windier there?

I am looking for waves rather than flat water, so that might narrow things down a bit. I love 20+kts (20-30mph) and I'll want to ride my 8m Naish Park with my surfboard.

Thanks heaps guys

P.S - Let me know if you need any info on kiting east cost of Australia!!


QLD, Australia

Re: California for July?

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:42 pm
by secret agent
ahahahahahah en 8m get real, try 14-16 and a big board,
are you crazy, fickle short wind windows no surf.
get a big rental van and sleep in it.
want ride a 8m drive far up the coast for days like washington ,oregon
hood river, not calif, may be a 13m if your lucky,
or bring that 17m and some door board and ride san diego.
still your expectations sound high.
I ride leadbetter beach, santa barbara, you beter have a A- game going thier.
the two plus mile walk sucks. thier are a couple spots 8m but not southern califa.
secret agent

Re: California for July?

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:17 pm
by nherbold
That time of year might not work with your 8 in the LA area. Not sure if C-street is in July, but I understand it usually has pretty good surf.

But I know in July there is plenty of kiting and strong winds in the SF area. Crissy will be good as well as ocean beach or stinson beach. If would recommend to also bring a 10 or 11 but I think you will be pretty well off on your 8.

Recommend to browse the same question to forum and they will be able to give more details. Bring your 4.3 wetsuit!

As for kiting along the coast of Australia...don't know.

Have fun