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If you could live anywhere for a year... where would you go?

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Re: If you could live anywhere for a year... where would you

Postby Wiski23 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:06 am

Kamikuza wrote:Japan's ok if you know where to go and/or stay in the right places. And don't mind the seasons... unless you get down to Okinawa.
Wiski23 wrote:Really? We generally have a good reputation & are normally in the top 5 for friendly people countries. All the feedback I get from foreign boarders is great. It sounds to me like you either had a really really bad experience or you haven't actually been to NZ? Where did you go mate?
Sounds like you were hanging around a rugby club at 2am rather than one of our beautiful beaches....
So long as you're white and speak English. And don't get in anyone's way.

Let's see, 27 years spread between Christchurch, Blenheim and Auckland ;)

It's funny, 95% of the kiwis I meet who live outside NZ moved to escape the rugby/drinking "culture". I'd be happier hanging out on beaches if I knew that when I got back to the car, it'd still be there...

Lol.... Sure..... :roll: Now I know your trolling mate. Everything you've stated are things I've never heard,NZ has a great name internationally as a multi cultural country, and our crime rate compared to other countries is zilch. I leave my house unlocked all year round and my keys in my ignition (which I do) without any problems. Sure you are talking about New Zealand? Sounds like you're describing the Bronx not little ol NZ.
In saying that, I heard there's a lot of skinheads down at Christchurch, your Asian right?

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