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Going to live in Boracy Dec-Feb input needed please

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:48 pm
by smokedvw

I have decided that I should go spend December to February in Boracay living in Bulabog beach. I will be looking for a basic room with wifi since I will need to work while down there. I plan to bring a 12m and 9m kite, I'm 6'2 80kgs riding a 134 tt. The conditions sound like 15-25 knots which will be perfect.

I spent 6 months traveling South East Asia and normally we would just rock up and find a place for a few weeks. I was in SEA from December to May and spent most of this in non-AC rooms, which were very basic. I know that Christmas/New Years will be very busy in Boracay but I wanted to know if I really need to prebook a place for a month or 2 or if I should just book the first week or so and then find a place while I am down there?

Even in Thailand in Koh Phangan for the full moon you could get there a few days before and be fine.

What I'm looking for in accommodation is:
- basic room with a double bed
- reliable wifi
- a place to live with other kiters
- close/on the beach

How much does it cost for a basic room for a month?

How much is food eating out, I'm assuming you can mix it up between street foods and restaurants for quite cheap once you know the area?

Is it worth getting an apartment with a kitchen? (I enjoy cooking but previously in SEA it wasn't worth it since its so cheap)

Thanks in advance :D

Re: Going to live in Boracy Dec-Feb input needed please

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:13 am
by tagaboracay
I just received a cancellation due to "health problem" for our beach front native bungalow right at the kite and windsurf centre on Bulabog. It is a fan cooled big room with double bed, a balcony where you can see the kiters out on the water when you wake up;-) there's Cable tv, fridge, cooking facility and also a coffee shop.
Rate is us$300 per month incl water, electricity and 24 hours WIFI and of course our Filipino hospitality. You can also join our staff for fishing witg their boat during high tide (not ok to kite) and can't kite or after 5pm for fishing and grill it for sunset with beers.
The location is at Green Yard / Hangin windsurf and kite center. From here you can walk to the main centre at DMall in 15 mins and for fresh catch of the day at the seafood market (you buy and have them cook it for you right there) is just about 10 mins.

There are are restaurant for budget conscious but great food and mostly patronized by kiters with price ranging from US$ 2-3 to $4 with a beer up to minimum $ 10 -12 for nice meals from good restaurants.
Beers are from $1.50 for 2 bottles at happy hour and ok wine at $ 4-5/glass
Rum coke is $1.25 and you get 2 at happy hours
Other cocktails are $2-3/glass
Please let me know if you are interested with the place within 24hrs so we can reserve it for you.
Looking forward to see you in the water!

Re: Going to live in Boracy Dec-Feb input needed please

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 5:03 am
by smokedvw
tagaboracay sent you a pm sounds exactly what I'm looking for :)

Re: Going to live in Boracy Dec-Feb input needed please

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:53 pm
by smokedvw
I have a 3 other questions:

1) Do I need anything other than a 12m and 9m? I'm 80kg. From all the reviews I have found it looks like 15-20 knots are normal days and 25+ not so much?
2) About the sea urchins, do I need to pick up some type of boot/foot wear for this? How prevalent are they? Is it only during low tide?
3) Gear, is it easy to get things it stuff breaks, lines, fins, repairs while over there?


Re: Going to live in Boracy Dec-Feb input needed please

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:42 pm
by Olga
There is a good kite doctor, his place is near Subak resort (you can also check it for accommodation, it is clean and nice. Or Lazy dog. Subak is closer to the beach and cheaper.)

As to the boots - you can find them in Isla shop, they sell Mares or something like that. Or try not to step on your feet)

You might need 7m.