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Oman Masirah Island, 4x4 Driving Advide -Video: Don't do so!

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Oman Masirah Island, 4x4 Driving Advide -Video: Don't do so!

Postby chief_IMI » Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:26 am

This video is an example why we give our 4x4 self driving advice accordingly. So please note:
Careful where you drive, especially in the shore area! The "Sabkha" is often very muddy and wet. Faster than expected, the car is sucked and worse case, the phone out of reception. In the right gear driven, a modern 4x4 is able to handle a lot, but not everything. Maybe on another day (tides), with another car - and maybe with another driver...
Thanks to Jean-Philippe Vignolo who own the rights on that video!
Still it looks like you had a cool Kiteboarding Holiday on Masirah Island, Oman.
Hope to see you soon!
Pictures of that action – (4 days Job, with 10 Men and heavy Machinery from the Oman Army): ... 320&type=1

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