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Kitetrip - 14 windy days in Tarifa

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Kitetrip - 14 windy days in Tarifa

Postby Karsten09 » Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:21 pm


I wrote a travellogue from my 2-week trip in Tarifa from 2/19/2014 to 3/5/2014.
I am a bit late but my studies won´t allow me to do that earlier. I still hope that you like it ! :)

My name is Karsten, I am 20 years old and student from Germany. I had a friend with me, Luca, together with his father.

Day One- The Arrival
Our first day was a Wednesday. We took off early in Weeze, Germany and we arrived in Malaga after a three hour flight.
Both of us had a package of 45 kilos, mainly Kite stuff- of course !
The transfer from Malaga to Tarifa was quite easy. We took several travel busses to get there. Malaga-Marbella-Algeciras-Tarifa. There is also a direct bus line but we don´t wanted to wait four hours since this bus is driving only twice the day.
Despite the heavy weight we felt great! Sun, 20° and WIND. The wind was quite a big surprise because the forecast of 10 knots was not too promising. After a four to five hour bus ride we finally arrived in Tarifa where first kites already decorated the sky.
The last task we had to manage was the walk from the bus station to our appartment. Unfortunately our travel agency had siesta so we had to wait another one or two hours which was quite annoying.

Great sight from the airplane! Is it wind? YES! It is !

But after so many hours of travelling the patience finally paid off :
We had our first Tarifa session! And thats not all, it is also the premier for my new W-Series which I had bought a week before ! :)
The conditions were great for my 12m Torch and the waves.. forget about the waves ! :D Still they were as good as the usual North Sea conditions. I only ride unhooked close to the beach anyway.

At this point I should add that I weight 65 kilos so that you can imagine the wind a bit better. Still I ride kites 70-75 kilo riders use normally :p So if you are 75+ add a kite size and 65- take a size less.

Day 2:
Highly motivated the only thing on our list was kiting! We had a session in the morning, little break and a session in the evening of approxiamtely 3 hours each.
The wind was onshore (poniente) and again good for 12m kite and going unhooked. The waves were quite similar to the day before, 1-1.5 meter high and quite messy.

Day 3:
This day was quite the same, a lot of kiting! The wind was a bit stronger so that we decided to take the 9m kite.
A funny thing was a small paddle, 3 meters wide, 20 cm deep and approximately 50 meter long.
A great speed track !! :)

Finally I arrive at my old level after the more or less soft winter! :)

Day 4:
This one is unfortunately without wind.. Still is was not the worst thing that could happen. Our muscles hurt insane! The weather was good so we decided to lay down at the beach and play a bit in the waves with our wetsuit on, the water is relatively cold! We also made a trip to the town where we ate spanish food and drank a few beer.

Day 5- Levante!
Finally! Levante ! This wind is even known by people who never been in tarifa. It´s offshore, gusty and strong !
In the morning we went to the dune where the wind comes in sideshore. The water was extremly choppy and my 7m kite was from underpowered to overpowered within seconds. Still it was manageable to kite and make some big jumps and loops.
After a relatively short time of two hours we went back to the town because that session was more fighting than kiting.

What we saw then was awesome! A few locals were kiting directly behind the island where the water was super flat and expect the up to 2 meter waves which came in crystal clear.
We took our 7m kites again and went for some loops which felt much saver as before because the wind was steadier.



Just awesome ! :) One of the best conditions I ever had !

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Posts: 2
Joined: Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:46 pm
Kiting since: 2007
Local Beach: Dutch Coast
Favorite Beaches: Depends a lot on the conditions
Style: Freestyle / Old and Newschool
Gear: Naish Torch 7,9,12

Aboards W and X Series
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Part II

Postby Karsten09 » Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:25 pm

Day 6:
The following day brought the usual conditions: Poniente, 9 m kite and freestyle.
But: The waves were really big ! With up to 3 meter waves we decided twice to jump over it or to better turn around!

You better run !

Day 7- Surfing
This is our second and last windless day of our trip. The waves were still big so we decided to rent some surfboards at Canos de Meca. To be honest we didnt went surfing at the shop because the waves were for us, as beginners, way to big! But the shop owner recommended us a spot 7km away. It was a save bay with a lighthouse. The waves came in clear and a bit smaller.
What I can also recommend: The restaurant at the parking place is really nice!


Day 8- Gibraltar!
The wind was only promised for the evening to get stronger so we decided to go and absorb some culture. Gibraltar is no spanish.. but still wonderful ! :)
When we finally arrived we realised that this is quite an expensive trip. Going up by the lift would cost 20 Euros and is followed by a huge distance of walking which was not in our interest since there is wind in the afternoon! We ended up paying 28 euros p.P. For a taxi tour which was quite a lot of money for us students but who knows when we are there the next time...!
What we saw: Beautiful sights, a cave, a siege tunnel and apes. Additional our driver told us something about the history of Gibraltar, which was not too much but no one memorize the details anyway !

Awww... Everyone likes apes ! :) :P

In the evening there was wind for 12m kite, poniente.

Day 9:
Well from now on its business as usual: Kiting!
We went up to a lagoon which only works in high tide- flat water is for freestyle still the best!
What I have to mention: The Level in this lagoon is extremely high ! Pros from all over the world hang out there so that we could see a really good show !
But it´s also really full in there so that you have to be either late or early to have some time for yourself.

Nice flat water !

Day 10:
Today there was nothing special. We went to the lagoon again and trained a few new tricks. Unfortunately the weather changed from sunny to cloudy.
In the evening we went to a beach bar with really good live music. In the summer it must be every day like that but for the price of full spots...!

Day 11:
Today the wind was really strong for our 9m kite. Unhooked was not possible so we hat a nice oldschool session with a gopro on our head! :) The waves were quite big with good 2 meters.
At the same time the was carnival in Cadiz which we could´nt visit. But lucas dad went there with his mother who came to visit us only for the weekend.

One of many wonderful bars

Day 12:
Kiting, Lagoon, 9m kite for unhooked..
Luca was dressed as tiger for some moment- we both really regretted to miss carnival at home!


Day 13:
This day we went to the lagoon again with some friends we knew from our common time as kite-intructor. A friend was so kind to make some good pictures ! :)


Day 14:
This is our last day.. Luca´s parents left very early so we were alone for this day.
We packed all our stuff and went for a last session. We took our 12m kite because it was still wet. What a bad idea! Most guys had 7-9 meter kites. But hey... oldschool is nice as well :p
In the evening the friends I mentioned before invited us to BBQ, thanks again!
This time we took the direct bus to malaga where we hat to stay for the night.
In the next morning we flew back to germany.

Hope you liked it :)

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Thanks to for those awesome boards ! :)

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