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Helping Sao Vicente (Cabo Verde) locals

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:15 pm
by mvandijk
We’d like to make you aware of some news affecting those of you planning a kitesurf holiday in Sao Vicente (Cabo Verde).

As you are probably aware, Sao Vicente has very little tourism and very few kitesurfers on the water so…..

the bad news: the only kitesurf center will no longer be run by Kitesurf NOW, however …..
the good news: Kitesurf Cabo Verde will be running the center.

Closing Kitesurf NOW (temporarily)
Unfortunately, we had to decide to close our company until November 2017.
For the first time since our 4.5 year existence, we made a little profit in January 2015, but this highlight was overshadowed by a building contractor causing huge irretrievable losses.
We will take the next two-and-a-half years to save enough money so we can further invest in Sao Vicente and will take the time to organize a world-class training of locals.
Our ambition is to offer world-class service for kitesurfing, food and drinks and accommodation when we open again in November 2017.

Opening Kitesurf Cabo Verde
Two of our Salamansa staff, Jair and Gogo have performed well and were extremely loyal to Kitesurf NOW. We want to make sure that they are rewarded for that. We want to optimize their chances of being able to earn enough money while Kitesurf NOW is closed. We have therefore decided to support Jair and Gogo in setting up and running their own kitesurf business.

Please help us to help them ! Please do not hesitate to visit Jair and Gogo at Salamansa for a truly authentic , uncrowded, kitesurf experience.

We will donate all our equipment to them and will make sure they can use our building for free. We will also make sure that the building will be updated by November 2015, creating more wind-sheltered space and toilet facilities.
We will also make sure to support Jair and Gogo with administration, marketing and customer service. This way, they can focus on helping you in Salamansa with kitesurfing, food and drinks.

All you need to do to help Jair and Gogo is to show up in paradise and pay extremely reasonable prices for their services!

100% Of what you spend at Salmansa will go to Jair and Gogo (and the Salamansa locals). Their company will be called: Kitesurf Cabo Verde.

We hope that these changes will not affect your holiday plans too much. Ola and myself will promise to do our best to help you to navigate the challenges of finding flights and accommodation and will help Jair and Gogo to provide an adequate level of service to you.

Re: Helping Sao Vicente (Cabo Verde) locals

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:39 pm
by Strekke
Had a great few days with you guys on the water around newyear - absolutely amazing spot: great winds and waves, no crowd (3 people max on the water when I was there), amazing backdrop, loads of marine life and turtles, and supernice locals! Truly an unspoiled paradise :thumb: , and with the stunning hidden gem of Santo Antao just a short ferry-ride away so plenty of things to do for non-kiters/no wind days.

Highly recommended for everyone who wants to experience true unspoiled Cabo Verdean island life! :pirate:

Re: Helping Sao Vicente (Cabo Verde) locals

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:35 pm
by mvandijk
Thanks Strekke!

For those tempted to go to Sao Vicente to help the locals (Jair and Gogo):

Flights direct from Amsterdam to Sao Vicente cost only 550 euros (return ticket with TACV)
Price from Paris is nearly the same (TACV)
From London the price is £550 (with TAP via Lisbon out Saturday, return Sunday)

For more info please contact: or

Their English is not so good, but we'll help.