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Working to preserve access to ride

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Working to preserve access to ride

Postby RickI » Thu Jul 10, 2003 7:48 pm

The following is reposted from

Indifference and poor self-policing of kiteboarding will result in restrictions. This has happened at launches in isolated areas around the world.

There are no "kite cops", as a rule, there is only us. If we care to continue to ride, largely free and without restrictions, we need to take care of things effectively ourselves.

You need reasonable guidelines that are directed at improving rider and bystander safety and REDUCING complaints. Ignoring complaints has lead to problems in many areas.

Lots of other sports went through these access issues in the past, sports like fishing, surfing, windsurfing, hang gliding,diving, kayaking, Hobie Cat sailing, etc. etc. We take access, with responsible practices, for granted in many of these sports today.

So, identify local issues, custom taylor simple guidelines to address the most significant issues. Using D I S T A N C E will automatically reduce A LOT of problems.

Build your organization of concerned riders. Work hard to get some of the local better riders onboard with these ideas. These guys are leaders knowningly or not and people will follow their lead to some extent.

If a rider is doing something that is putting himself or others at risk, TALK TO HIM. Not alone but with a bunch of your friends. Groups amplify the influence of peer pressure. Show interest, find out who the guy is, his background, tell him about some of the things you have done to try to keep the good times rollng for everyone. Jumping right in to hard guy tactics will often shut the doors to cooperation immediately. Don't make just one or two people do this for ALL OF US. If dropping what you are doing is not convenient to talk to someone, think how inconvenient driving further to an unrestricted launch might be. It isn't perfect but it isn't rocket science either. You need to try.

With time, getting more leading riders onboard, local shops, lifeguards, etc., people may begin to automatically comply with the guidelines. The links below discuss orientation to the sport for lifeguards and other municipal personnel, this is an important step in working to secure access. Make a plan, tune it by experience, be persistent and with time, hopefully, most of the riders will come around.

More about approaches to trying to secure access appear at:




FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

Should we enforce rules? Do we need guidelines? Are we in need of restrictions? What are the costs of inaction? Is it O.K. to ask the public to move to a safer location? Should we try to proactivly protect our sport? DO WE CARE???
We should all think about questions like these.
I dont want anybody telling me what to do, DO YOU?
How would you protect your beach and your friends from themselfs? I'd like to hear your solutions, L.M.G.

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