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f-one sk8

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f-one sk8

Postby Guest » Wed Apr 09, 2003 5:48 pm

Can anybody reply on the quality of the new sk8?

Are there differences concerning weight and quality between earlier serial productions and later ones? Found some reports which stated the weight by 3.3 kg, others 3.0 kg

Which one would suit me best, the sk8 138 (138x35 cm) or the sk8 139 (139x37 cm), I weight around 80 kg and want the board for kiting (medium-upper wind) but also for use on a wakeboard-facility (I mean not behind a boat, but don't know the right expression in english) because the beach is far and our lakes are not suited for kiting (at least not for beginners).

I already own a light wind board (175x45 cm). Is the gap between this one and a short board like the sk8 probably too much?

Any other boards you recommend?


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