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Stoner pulls his bonner

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Postby stoner » Sun Jul 03, 2005 4:23 am

... well better having you a few steps ahead of me than the other way round... I'll give you the hot tip!

Now speak more about these high performance tweaks. What, you're going to re-sew a seam, shorten some pigtails? Do tell. Your talking to an arcuser here. I'm down with the mod lingo. Wedging, adjustable leach line, span limiter, spar chop, trailing edge tuck... what you gonna do?

What can you do? Open up surfplan and start planning a redesign? Easier to just buy the next *NEW* inflatable product to come along.

Enjoy your folly, "modifying" your bloated silverfish. Just beware... the cherry wind carries a sting in the tail...

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