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What do you think RickI?

what bothers you?
anything to say without your name?

keep flaming - here's your chance !


Re: What do you think RickI?

Postby fokiten » Sat Jul 30, 2005 7:44 am

RickI wrote:The threads can be long, full of needless attacks, not particularly factual and sometimes harmful to topics under consideration so I haven't read it.

From posts that I read in the past, it is obvious that you despise formal instruction, giving them tips totally lacks credibility.
fokiten wrote:
I don't care for kite instructors much f*** -um,,,

instructors are unnessisary

and da rookies got CASH,,right?
thats all any instructors looking for

Newbee do beware,,,,,
a fool and his money are soon parted, and you DO need support to be safe....
Schools are not for your safety they are there to make cash,,,,

Asking me for input also lacks credibility.
fokiten wrote:
Ricki what the f*** leave us alone, we got this covered

Rick If you had any sense you'd collect the data and your Thank you Ricks and shut the f*** up.
Do us both a favor and let this thread die, if you choose to respond I recommend that Toby tosses this into Flammers Gallery with the other worthless posts. Give it a rest.
Hi Rick

There's a switch,,LOL the post is too long so you didn't read it.

and that out of context (tounge in cheek) quote from me three years ago...??? boaderline, but I get the message,,

It's ok I can handle it solo.

thanks anyway

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