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Uses for a dead fish

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Uses for a dead fish

Postby GraemeF » Fri Sep 23, 2005 10:00 pm

O.K. so you're Fortesque K Iten (fokiten), you're in this asylum, you've got this hellfish kite they sent you.

Just what the f*** do you do with it now?

You certainly aint going kiting with it.

Heres my starter....

Uses for a used fish part 1.

Wrap used chewing gum in it.

Wrap your medication in it (hide it from matron)

Hold it under chin get a tan.

Make shiny condoms from it, save making local animals pregnant.

Make shiny straight jacket from it, be the coolest freak in the asylum

Write messages on it, put them in bottle, send them out to sea, hope one day your boyfriend Gumball reads them and will come back to give you further anal pleasure.

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Postby ASNewsForumFuzz » Fri Sep 23, 2005 10:03 pm

Ok...taking things a little far....but I thought the holding under chin for tan was clever.

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Postby Phillipp » Fri Sep 23, 2005 11:19 pm

1. Wrap it around one of these Swiss Balls (you know the ones you sit on) and create a huge disco ball.

2. Running out of tin foil to put under you pizza?

3. Want to stand out in the next Toga party?

4. Send it to HBS (Harvard Business School). I'm sure they'll need one for their case studies on 'how to market a dudd product'

5. Give it to Donald Trump's next season on the Apprentice. They always get screwed marketing some dudd products

6. Create an amazingly cool hammock out of it. It will probably hold a very heavy guy (you know, it's Cuban Fiber) or you and your girlfriend getting some really good humping action

7. ....

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Postby linesnapper » Sat Sep 24, 2005 12:02 am

Fokiten is still way funnier than you guys.

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Postby farqueue » Sat Sep 24, 2005 2:29 am

Tag team it with Graeme's Kitescarecrow and we have two of the top dud ideas ever posted on the forum in tandem.

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Postby garrett » Sat Sep 24, 2005 6:13 am

Graeme, since you like wearing womens clothing. Maybe you could make a dress out of it. Just make it full length so we don't have to look at your old wrinkley veiny legs. :thumb:

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Postby vaguelyswami » Sat Sep 24, 2005 5:09 pm






Benifits of wearing a foil hat

1. Sheilds your brain from radioactive rays.

2. Foil hat wearers can easily spot each other in large crowds.

3. Acts as a reflect0r, increasing you visibility on dark streets at night.

4. Bright glittering head 0rnamentation can increase chances of attracting a mate.

Kite Brazil
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101 uses for a dead fish...

Postby Kite Brazil » Sat Sep 24, 2005 8:08 pm

Here's what to do with it...

Send it to Kite Fever ( - they'll make a very cool bag out of it... and send it back your way!

The other 100 uses... you're on your own!


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Postby panchito » Sat Sep 24, 2005 8:23 pm

linesnapper wrote:Fokiten is still way funnier than you guys.
yeap. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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Postby eastcoastkite » Sun Sep 25, 2005 1:15 am

or you could send it back and get your money and the $100, or was that just another best marketing scam

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