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Ruben Lenten age 9

what bothers you?
anything to say without your name?

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Skyway Scott

Postby Skyway Scott » Fri Dec 30, 2005 10:58 pm

This is an interesting topic, with several questions addressed.
I totally love kiteboarding, have for more than 5 years. I personally don't pay much attention to the top pros, I just love to ride.
In my past sport (racquetball) I was one of the top players in the country. I don't think people got into rb in the 80s cuz of anything I was doing. They did it cuz it was fun. I believe this about our sport too, it is THE most fun I have ever had (in sport). I don't need a pro boosting to get me into "the mood" or interested in the sport as a newbie, I just need 12 knots or more, and some time off. This is an interesting point of the conversation. (BTW racquetball died due to space/profit issues of health clubs... so please don't make a comparison, it also SUCKED as a spectator sport)

Who out there gets motivated to ride cuz a pro looks cool?, as opposed to its just fun as S$#$?
I am curious about that one.

Who honestly believes that without pros, new riders wouldn't be interested in getting into this sport?
I mean I am jo average for sure, and people (non-riders) that see us ride here in St. Pete are just captivated by a 15 foot backroll and you can hear the "AHHHH COOOLLL" coming from their mouths on the beach, with questions following when you hit the beach.

This sport rocks, at all levels, is my take. The pros are UNREAL, but the sport itself is so kicka##, that just boosting your first HUGE (6 footer :o ) is an adrenaline rush like no other.

I guess I am saying ANY rider influences our perceived reputation and could attract new riders, IMO. I personally don't think you have to be world class to turn people on or off to kiting. It has inherent appeal, as well as some possible unappealling traits if portrayed as a sport of reckless abandon.

I am just an average rider here in St. Pete. We don't even get pros here (guess we're not worthy?) so they sure don't influence me. My buds, having a great time, and loving the sport is what motivates me, 100% :D

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Postby tautologies » Fri Dec 30, 2005 11:55 pm

mat wrote:.... if so please speak up and help clear this matter up...if not i sugesst we all stop trying to critise or justify the situation. im not trying to create an argument here im just trying to stop people from jumpig to conclusions.

Hey Mat, I am sorry if you took my comment personal, that was not my intention.
The reason for me joining this discussion is that I am one of the guys that have top deal with this shit every time I go to the beach...the same beach that is on a 3 month probation right now...and still people do that shit...even some is an extremely frustrating situation to be in as we are not only working for our beach access, but also for the ones that actually pull the stunts....
Most of the pros here can't be bothered to do their tricks right by the shore, but I really don't think it helps for some of the kids here to see pro's go so close by the shore...

When we try to talk to people we get anything from "I am sorry I will not do it again" to "go fuck yourself, I can do whatever I want". Some of the guys needs to be told MANY times..they say "oh okay I am sorry", but still pull their "oh my god" tricks just to have someone who has never seen kiting (they would be just as impressed by regular kiting) look at them in is actually pretty pathetic. Any way just trying to let you in on the frustration of trying to keep the beach access.


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Postby mykrowyre » Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:16 am

...if you watch it, you can see his kite crashes near shore, and his board shoots into the take off area... she says it had been going on all day and I believe it.

I understand where you're coming from, because I gotta tell ya, I get screamed at ALL THE TIME while kitesurfing... :roll: Yeah right.

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Postby mat » Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:37 am

well yer if they are going to be complete cocks about it and tell u to f*** of because they think there the ONE AND ONLY then fair enough you are more than welcom to be fuked with them, shit if some one came to my spot and acted like that wed probably cut the fukers lines, i do understand where youre coming from... but i dont know whether in this particular situation it is fair to place the blame on anyone, inless as i said anyone was a witness there and actualy saw what had been hapining throughout the day. but to be honest i see no point trying to research this or agruing about it, sure things went wrong that day that could easily be avoided, but what can we do about it....fuk all.

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Postby mykrowyre » Sat Dec 31, 2005 5:07 am

Well, you're right in that respect..we don't know if she's pissed at the Ruben crew or an earlier group of riders... but hey, if it walks like a dick, talks like a dick...then it is most probably a ....

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Postby nab1000 » Sat Dec 31, 2005 6:02 am

actually has a article about ruben in the new Kiteboarding mag. issue that talks about the incident and how he just walked away. Seemed like it was all his friend who was doing the talking in the vid. Ruben actually just walked away if i remebered(havent watched the vid in awhile)

woundering if anyone had the vid and if so give it to kitewatch to put on their website.

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Postby mykrowyre » Sat Dec 31, 2005 1:54 pm

I have it, but it's too big... 55MB... I don't have the bandwidth to host it.

Skyway Scott

Postby Skyway Scott » Sat Dec 31, 2005 1:56 pm

I saw the vid. He definitely says F Y on multiple occassions. The lady is really amped up by the time they come to shore, and when the clip starts. The camera man appears to be the ?"start" of the interaction with the pissed off lady, but Ruben doesn't hesitate to join in. He is not screaming, but is sarcastically disrespectful. He definitely doesn't just walk away.

A guy in the vid (on scene bystander) states that their behavior is a bad representation of SS and kiting in general. He seemed layed back, non attached, and he seemed to NAIL it with his assessment. I believe he is dead on right. That type of behavior is what gets kiting banned.
I have screwed up in the past. I have noticed, almost without fail, it is the behavior after the screw up that is important. I dropped a kite right on a lady's head once. I immediately went to her and said over and over how sorry I was, that it was a rare thing, and that I just messed up. She forgave me. I have seen others mess up... at not do anything, or respond defensively... BAD move IMO.

Obviously if you are acting like an ass for an hour straight on the water jumping people or spraying them (not saying Ruben did, but I have seen this), no apology will work. But, when people are upset it is obvious (to me) you should calm down the situation, swallow your "pride" (only a dumby has pride over screwing up)... and apologize.
Pros aren't somehow excused from having to perform this courtesy gesture. Hell, if pros are so damn "important" to the sport (which I think is total B.S. BTW), maybe they should have this courtesy mastered. At the very least, don't put it on film to piss off more people :roll: (If Ruben had no say... then pros have so LITTLE pull, they can't even say what's on THEIR video.... ODD)

solo flight
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Postby solo flight » Sat Dec 31, 2005 3:27 pm

Pro's are not important to the sport,more like it's the other way around.
After all who gets to the best places with good wind?
Look Iám glad we got a good dutchie on the world kiting scene,and he realy is not a bad kid not with to much attitudes and stuff.
In my opinion the guy to blame is the adult behind the camera.Young athletes are very gungho or else they wouldn't compete.
Picture the scene Rubs comes in and witnesses the cameraman having an argument with a bystander ,who's side does he choose???
He's to young to stop and think ,adolescents all over the world explode in a situation like that,adults alot of the time also react irrational.
All mankind really is just a bunch of monkeys performing a few tricks,to keep the masses under control we have laws and rules for behaviour it just takes time to learn them.Some are quick with the kite not so quick with the rules .In the end we are all the same.
But I do agree a company should not be proud of such shit if it happens

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Postby KGN » Sat Dec 31, 2005 3:39 pm

Why put the video back up?It was on Rubens website they took it down..(it was never on slingshots website)
So why put it back,they obiviously dont want it up.
So you can speculate more on what you think happened?
Let it die.It was like a year ago..

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