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Best Spot in La Ventana!

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Best Spot in La Ventana!

Postby done » Sat Dec 31, 2005 9:00 am

Was just down in LV and stayed at PalapasVentana- highly recommend this if you're going down especially with non-kiting girlfriend or wife. Here's why:

1. Airport pickup- you tell Tim and he'll come get you La Paz or Los Cabos- it'll cost you about 100 bucks from Los Cabos- but what other driver will have cold Pacificos waiting for you in the van?

2. Launch/Land assistance on the PalapasVentana beach for guests- plus scuba tank inflation- the only thing you pump is your girlfriend or esposa.

3. Wave spot right off the PV beach- smack that lip.

4. Breakfast included in the price of casita- you could even make it all inclusive if you want and then not worry about food or anything- the new restraunt is killer too- and don't miss happy hour.

5. Do huge downwinders- Tim will drive you up to the hotsprings and pick you up way downwind in the monster truck called Rambo.

6. Lots of activities for nonkiteboarding family members- Karon will even take your wife shopping in La Paz all day long- plus if it isn't windy you can get tim to take you waterskiing or fishing on their super panga- or you could surf the Pacific side- the dude's got all the spots wired. Keep it hush, hush on the wave kiting spot though.

Google it: palapasventana- seriously no other place is as set up for family trips or just hard core kiting- Adam Koch does his clinics out of there every year!

Go get it!

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