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Go Kitesurfing & Paragliding with Kitexcite in Cabarete!

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Go Kitesurfing & Paragliding with Kitexcite in Cabarete!

Postby AllAngles » Tue Feb 28, 2006 10:52 pm

I am in Cabarete and have been here for 2 weeks already!
I have had an awesome time so far!

I came here to learn kitesurfing and when I read about Kitexcite on their website and that they teach paragliding too when the wind is not so strong, I immediately went to them!

The combination is perfect! You start to fly on your first day! Just 5 meters high to get the feel, in a field so it's not dangerous! And after a Tandem Flight that really shows what it's like,
you have had an awesome action packed day! We went to Jarabacoa in the mountains to fly really high - can't remember the exact altitude, but it was amazing and beautiful!
Anyway, they teach in the mornings too before the wind kicks in, in a field and on a hill just 15 minutes out of cabarete!

And when the wind does kick in - and believe me it is KICKING right now and has been really good recently (I'm heading out in a minute) - you obviously go kitesurfing!

With the boat training that they offer, one on one direct training - and radio helmets - i learned from scratch and got up and riding in 5 days! I admit the wind was friendly to me during these 5 days and luck was on my side!
But The instructors were very good and helpful and most of all friendly! I've hardly had time to hang around doing nothing since Ive been here!

Anyone wanting an actionpacked holiday with Ride Or Glide opportunity should definately consider Kitexcite!

Well, I'll cut it short - I love it here and definately will come back in the summer - that's if I don't just lengthen my stay now! I'm very tempted!
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That's me too!
In one week - Awesome!
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Yup that's me!
Learning Kitesurfing with the boat option!
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