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NEW --> Neil's Boardercross, Distance Races & More !!

Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 4:17 pm
by RickI
Neil Hutchinson and crew at X-RATED KITEBOARDING have pulled together a great NEW website dealing with upcoming Contests such as boardercross, distance, freestyle, wave riding and ??? (to be announced, innovative) races.





It goes into X-RATED SPONSORED EVENTS and contests such as:

X-Rated Boarder Cross
Tampa Bay, Miami
- THE high energy, action packed pinnacle of kiteboarding contests. A maximum of thirty-two riders compete
in separate heats of four riders over various kitebording obstacles and around marker bouys. Remember the
X is for extreme. This is a contest in a box. One call to X-Rated and your contest is on it’s way to your location.

X-Rated Distance Kite Races

Recent events: Bahamas Kite Race, Tampa Bay Kitemasters
– Endurance, speed and rider strategies
really set riders apart in these events. Either Professional /advanced riders or Pro/Am dependant upon the
race but scored together.

Freestyle Competitions
Jupiter Kite Invasion
– All around jumps, tricks, riding. Professional and Amateur categories scored separately.

Wave Riding Contests
Jupiter Kite Invasion
– The skill and beauty of being one with mother nature, wind and waves alike. Advanced / Pro Competition.

Kite Loop Contests
Xtreme Hotels Contest, Domincan Republic
– The high energy, big carnage, crowd pleaser. Prizes awarded for most technical, highest kite loop and worst
wipeout. Pro/Am event combined and scored together. Always a crowd pleaser.

Speed Contests
X-Rated Speed Trials
– To find the fastest person at our events. Pro/Am event scored seperately.

So, check it out ...


Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:35 am
by Kool-Aid Man

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 9:10 pm
by fokiten
Well Rick,

I'd say honeymoon is over,,,

Welcome to flamer's,,,

Free-lance Ad copy ain't the duck-wallow what it used to be....

Best Regards, nice copy...

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 7:16 am
by Toby
not what you think fo...