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Janmarco boosting huge air in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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Janmarco boosting huge air in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Postby The Kite Lounge » Thu Aug 17, 2006 5:59 pm

Here's local ripper Janmarcos RiveRas Mosquea busting out a huge air!

When the wind starts blowing 40 knots and most people are coming in, because their kites aren't small enough or their balls aren't big enough, this guy is only just getting his 9m out!!

JMC is truely amazing and boosts in with hang time of 20 seconds.

We are proud to say that JMC works with us at The Kite Lounge as one of our assistants. He is one of the guys who will be helping you master your own kite surfing if you book your lessons with us!

Come to The Kite Lounge, Kite Beach, Cabarete to check him out, along with all the other guys here.

For any wind information or for just a chat feel free to contact us on Skype, Thekiteloungecabarete.
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