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Postby spork » Sat Mar 31, 2007 4:05 am

surfingwithkites wrote:I am still open minded on the subject
That's swell for you. That's like being open minded on the notion that the earth may be flat, or that we never went to the moon. Let's not jump to any conclusions simply because the global scientific community has reached a consensus.
you only know that I have questioned your final judgement for the rest of the world
I haven't judged a damn thing. Quote me instead misrepresenting my words.
and we must all take action immedietly due to your judgement.
I'm begging you to find a single quote in which I tell people what action to take - or to take action at all. You're simply making crap up.
Meaningful scientific consensus may someday be attained...
You're just trying to make me laugh (or cry) aren't you?

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