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What age?

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Postby Guest » Thu Sep 05, 2002 12:54 am

Was wondering what age you guys started kitesurfing and for how long you have been on it

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Postby Andres_Santacruz » Thu Sep 05, 2002 4:03 am

Started kitesurfing 1.5 years ago at age 18, am now 20 years young.


Postby Guest » Thu Sep 05, 2002 4:08 am

Going on three years and I'm 57

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Postby PMad » Thu Sep 05, 2002 4:51 am

No age for this sport. Just need appropriate training & equipment.

"Distance is your Friend"

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Postby kruzlifix » Thu Sep 05, 2002 7:38 am

my son is 12 and enjoys kitesurfing.... most of the time... Image

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Postby Toby » Thu Sep 05, 2002 9:02 am

the youngest I know is 8 years old.
Started this year and starts jumping now.

Saw a lady in Fuerte joining a course, she was really heavy and about 50-60 years old.

Here more and more older guys (I guess they windsurfed for about 20 years) with an age about 50-65.

I started 2 years ago and I'm 30.


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Postby tux » Thu Sep 05, 2002 9:24 am

Started 4 years ago with a OWL and putting straps on a surf board now I'm 35 and will keep flying till.... How old is Uncle Robby?
Bye Tux

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Postby MissionMan » Thu Sep 05, 2002 9:26 am

Don't know about the youngest, but the South African distributor of Wipika has his son on a specially made cyclone board and a tiny Wipika kite. Not sure of his age, but he looks about 6. Seems to be handling it fine.

Gonna be a scary little bastard when he grows up. Damn youngsters are psycho, and their bones break less easily than ours.

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Postby chicagokitesurfer » Fri Sep 06, 2002 4:13 am

I'm 34 and my cousin is taking lessons from me now - he's 15.

Get in as early as you can. Its a great sport.


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Postby Nusco » Fri Sep 06, 2002 10:16 am

I'm 33 and I just started. No previous board sports experience, some previous experience with traction kites.

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