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Mutant 4'11''

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Postby kGreg » Tue Sep 10, 2002 9:51 am


I already have a Mutant 5'5 and I am thinking about getting a 4'11.

1. Isn't it too small for a 87kg rider?
2. I have seen Mark Shinn riding it, but he has some non-standard footstraps on it, which are rather wide and seem soft. What kind of footstraps are these? My front foot kept sliding out from the standard front footstrap on the 5'5, I guess wider footstraps are better in order to avoid it.




Postby Guest » Tue Sep 10, 2002 10:55 am

Mark Shinn is 88 Kilos.
He use the 4'11'' in all conditions.



Postby Guest » Tue Sep 10, 2002 11:33 am

I'm also 88kg and I have both 4'11 and 5'5.
The 4'11 is big enough for most conditions. I never use the 5'5 anymore, it feels too big when you get used to the 4'11. I broke my 4'11 in two pieces and it's broken under all four footpads. You better wait for the 2003 models, they are stronger. The 2003 5'0 will be a good choice.

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