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Postby Guest » Wed Sep 11, 2002 2:26 am

You know the one major thing I'm starting to see with the sport is that many people that are getting into it are non-windsurfers. I have many friends that are snowboarders, skaters, etc...that are getting into it and to me that's the best part about Kiteboarding. I finally get to ride with all of my buddies. But, there is a MAJOR difference here when it comes to learning to Kiteboard.

Windsurfers/Sailors can read wind and understand the element much better. For instance I can see when a huge gust is approaching my ass and I know I need to get off of the water or sheet(chicken loop) that kite out ASAP. Whereas other folks that don't see the wind on the water will usually just take it and a kitemare is waiting to happen. Overall, yes I think new products will only help so much. It's the understanding of weather/wind that one can obtain the most options when Kiteboarding. I think a everyone that owns a Kite center that teaches should have a half day/full day on just weather and wind and how you can see gusts on the water.

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Postby RickI » Thu Sep 12, 2002 12:40 pm

I have seen this as well. Craving, enjoying and occassionally getting spanked by winds in windsurfing can be a good starting point for kiteboarders. In our case there is even more weather knowledge needed however. For wakeboarders and other crossing into kiteboarding that may not be all that much into weather, now is the time to check it out! Kiteboarder need to know about weather prediction resources and how to properly judge and properly react to weather conditions by sight, temperature and wind changes, etc.

It really is pretty hard to get badly injured windsurfing although injuries including some serious ones do happen. A main weather related issue is lightening and as far as gusty winds as long as it isn't blowing offshore and you are rigged about right, it should be ok.

I just came across a newspaper article dealing with the accident in Valencia from ... =elpepinac

and a rough Internet translation follows:

A man passes away when practiced a modality of surf in Valencia under a storm

J. P. | Valencia

A man from among 25 and 30 years he died yesterday in the beach of the Perellonet (Valencia) upon striking against the wall of some apartments while he practiced flysurf, according to the Local Police of Valencia. This sports modality
combines a small one parapente that is employed to be given impulse and a board of surf reduced that it permits to be displaced upon the water. A blow of wind of the storm that crossed yesterday Valencia did to lose the control to the youth
and threw it against some buildings situated in the avenue of the Delfines of this locality turística to the south of Valencia.

The strong wind and the rain whipped yesterday to all the autonomous community, but went especially virulento in the
alrededores of Valencia. The storm affected the operation of the airport of Manises that remained yesterday closed among the
18.15 and the 19.15 hours. Among the four flights suspended and one devious, was found that of the Spanish selection, that
had to return to land in Madrid and was predicted that displaced to Valencia in bus. The trombas of water they obliged the
firemen to carry out pumping of plants you lower in Sagunto, Carlet, Torrent, Alaquàs or Paternal. Requena, Moixent, Fenced,
and Oliva, where the rain arrived accompanied of hail, were other zones affected.

Rick Iossi

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