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which kite is the best right now

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Postby Guest » Fri Sep 13, 2002 8:57 pm

When you ask like that - I say
F-One Mach1 or F-One Magic

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Postby Royce » Fri Sep 13, 2002 10:42 pm

Well if that doesn't confuse you....?
Try them all and buy the one you personally like the best. As you can see everyone likes something diferent. For me high aspect max power all the time. Get an 18 instead of a 14.
Aloha R

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Dr Surf Australia
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Postby Dr Surf Australia » Sat Sep 14, 2002 2:49 pm

If you are a lightweight, ie under 75kg go for a high aspect fast kite such as an F-One Mach1, Airush Lift, Naish X2 or Wipika AB.

If you are heavier than 75kg you may find a more powerful kite better such as the North Rhino, Slingshot Fuel or Naish Aero.

The above is assuming that you want one kite that will give you a big range of usage.

However the best kite for you is in reality one that feels right for you and the majority of conditions you kite in. To find this kite you've just gotta go out and try them. There is no better way. Go to a demo day, find a dealer with demo kites or get lessons on a variety of kites.

Most of all start kiting asap!! Every moment not spent kiting when you coulda been will prey on your mind in the future :smile:

Have fun Dave

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