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Cabrinha Recon Nitro 12 and 17 by "randykato"

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Cabrinha Recon Nitro 12 and 17 by "randykato"

Postby Toby » Wed Sep 10, 2003 7:06 pm

Review by "randykato"

OK, I'm a stoked rider who switched. I decided to switch my whole quiver since I like to just have one bar/lines and I wanted to fully embrace the new system rather than risk having confusion about which system I'm on and where the release is when the sh*t hits the fan.

I rode Wipika and SlingShot mainly, but flew Naish, Flexifoil, Liquid Force, etc. in the past. So far I've received my 17 and 12 BT Nitros and I'm still waiting on my 8.5 CO2. I've flown the 17 3 times and flew the 12 for the first time yesterday.

The kites are great! The system is great! I am stoked. However, much of the stoke would probably be the same no matter what 2004 gear I switched to since it's all a step up from the 2002/01/earlier gear I've been using. I will say that it is the Recon system that made me take the leap and invest in a whole new quiver.

The kites fly really well and smooth, but they can jellyfish a bit in certain conditions (mostly the big 17 did this), but any big kite can be made to do that. The depower is excellent - I was riding the 12 in some of the most gusty conditions I've ever had (from below 10 to above 20 knots and on/off instantaneously) and it handled it all very well. I got some of the biggest jumps ever yesterday - so high and with so much hang time I didn't know what to do. I had to learn what to do with the kite all over again which was tough due to the funky wind conditions.

The Recon system is what I've wanted. The old Wipika reverse relaunch bridle was a good idea, but in practice didn't work as well or as easily as it should have and it detracted from the feel of the kite and the depower range. This system is great - the only time it didn't work was when there was barely enough wind to keep the kite in the air in the first place (which was also why it fell). Since local conditions mean flying the big kites most often, relaunching can be a real pain and sometimes isn't possible - especially with the very high aspect kites in light wind. Recon is a huge plus here and riding has become more fun now that I have more confidence that if I screw up a trick and drop the kite downwind, I can relaunch it. And I don't mind trying tricks farther out because of this. Spinning the bar without a 5th leash line is so nice. Just having a clean single attachment without any extra leash lines or extra loops feels so much nicer. The releases work very well and reliably. The depower strap is cool with the strap that powers up the kite incrementally.

As for the safety release, it works quite well. Once you see the system in person and have a chance to inspect it you can see how it works. It's really a great innovation. In the super gusty conditions yesterday it worked like a charm. It kills the kite with noticeably less power than the single line technique....and doesn't have the kite spinning like the single line technique. I would describe it as a kite depowered on a single line being still alive like an animal on a leash trying to get away, where the Recon-depowered kite just sort of sits there like a dog cowering at the end of a leash.

Re engaging the system once deployed on the water could be tough (I haven't tried it), but as it was said earlier, if you need to deploy the system I don't know that conditions would recommend relaunching. But if you were to try it, it would take some time and you would probably wind up quite far downwind since as you retrieve the front line attachment the kite will power up again and start pulling you downwind as you get it reset. Then there's the issue of making sure you don't get tangled in the rear lines as you do all of this. Well, I'm not planning on trying this and hope to never have to.

The accessories are great as well - very nice bags for the kites that are super expandable backpacks with pockets for the pump (which is extra tall for higher volume) and other stuff as well as straps to carry your board. Even the bars come with a nice bar bag.

So, in a nutshell, it's 2004 gear that comes with all that you'd expect of it, plus a really nice safety/relaunch system that I find fixes/eliminates so many of the little pet peeves I had with my old custom setup.
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Postby Crack » Thu Mar 11, 2004 12:23 am

why did you go a CO2 for the 8.5?

I'm considering the switch to the new 04's as well but I didn't know whether to go for the Nitro or CO2.

what's the Nitro like for wave riding, do you get constant pull / stability?


Do we have to buy CO2 or Nitro 17???

Postby y@nn » Sat Mar 20, 2004 4:48 pm

Hi, just wonder if it s better to buy CO2 17 instead of Nitro 17, because I heard a lot of people saying it doesnt work like it should be, it jellyfish quite easily...and also on turning, doesnt work correctly???do someone know something else????thks :?:


Postby Jurchiks » Mon Mar 22, 2004 6:57 pm

There are some coments from Cabrinha suport team regarding jellyfish problems.

Aloha Juris
Thanks for contacting Cabrinha Support
Measurements for your Nitroe's pigtails are:
20m - 161, 165, 169
17m - 153, 157, 161
14m - 147, 151, 155
12m - 140, 144, 148
10m - 133, 137, 141
8.5m - 120, 124, 128
7.5m - 119, 123, 127
6.5m - 107, 111, 115
5.5m - 107, 111, 115

The early model kites had a slight calculation error for the pigtails. Basically they were about 8cm too short.
A simple way to correct them was to tie a new knot above your number 3 knot and take out your bottom knot(number 1 knot).
You basically use the new middle knot. This knot is 4cm shorter and with tieing in the new knot it shortens the line by another 4cm = 8cm.
Also the kites that have been modified in the factory and have the correct measurements will have a small peice of tape with an arrow on it pointing to the middle knot.

We hope this helps, any further questions please let us know

Best regards
Cabrinha Support

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Postby H C » Thu Mar 25, 2004 8:48 pm

Hi Toby

I enjoyed reading your review it is what I was hoping to hear about the Cabrinha re launch system.
So, in a nutshell, it's 2004 gear that comes with all that you'd expect of it, plus a really nice safety/relaunch system that I find fixes/eliminates so many of the little pet peeves I had with my old custom setup.

Can you see any justification for people saying that the re launch system "doesn't work especially in high winds".
I am planning to buy a large CO2 with the by pass leash but I am being told that a lot of people are not all that happy with the re launch system .
There is a story being passed around that a promotional day for this system went rather unfavourably with the demonstrators unable to re launch their kites when the wind picked up.

I am a learner and to me the Carina innovations seem to be wonderful (just what I needed to help me take the plunge and buy my own kite)so I am hoping that there is no truth to people saying that "the system causes more problems than it solves"

Thanks. Hugh

(Ps. I am only asking this question because around here kites are scarce and I have yet to see a Recon kite or get to meet someone who flies them)

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Postby Crack » Fri Mar 26, 2004 1:13 am

Gidday H C

After much deliberation I finally got the C02 17 and Nitro 12, I was told by a few people that the C02 in the larger sizes had better turning and overall performed better - yet to use though.

In regards to re-launch, I found the system sensational. I was a bit nervous at first due to the kite potentially re-launching through the power zone.

This happened in my first attempt at re-launch, was a interesting experience! But on the second attempt in 20knt's, I had the kite flipped over and at the edge of the window with ease.

I was told that there is a technique in getting the kite to the edge of the window, and in my situation there was certainly things I did differently than in the first attempt.

I'm yet to try the re-launch on the 17, but on the 12 it was great and so quick compared to the traditional method.

I'm stoked!!

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Postby H C » Fri Mar 26, 2004 11:38 am

Thanks Crack

I would love to hear how you get on with the CO2 17 meter it is the one that I have in mind set on .
Do you have any experience with the By-Pass Leash , I fell that I have to get this leash as I am still only learning.

Thanks again

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Postby Crack » Sat Mar 27, 2004 12:06 am

I'm hopefully going out today with the 17, winds 10-15 knt's, I'll be definitely testing the re-launch so I'll let you know.

NO, I don't use the by-pass leash on the recon, at this stage I'm always hooked in to the chicken loop.

I would'nt worry about it, the by-pass is only there for when you do unhooked moves ie: handle passess.

If you're learning, but especially with the recon, hook yourself into the chicken loop, as that's your leash.

Not only that, you can then depower the kite with the bar by sheeting in and out. If you not hooked in you are powered up all the time, plus when learning you'll have a tendancy to let go of the bar, you'll then spend alot of time resetting the recon and having to re-launch from land etc.

But most importantly, you need to be hooked in to use the re-launch system.

If you go with the Cabrinha recon, 1 tip, I use a second pin to securely lock in the chicken loop to my harness.

The Cabrinha pin looks a bit too flexible and as this is your leash, if it comes out - by, by kite!!

I run a extra safety pin from my harness back through the spreader bar.

If you haven't already go to the Cabrinha website;

they have a instructional video you can download and pictures of the recon system.

Will let you know how I go with the 17.


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Postby Crack » Wed Mar 31, 2004 4:37 am


used the C02 17 the other day, re-launch - no problems!!

again, you just need to get it to the edge of the window so it doesn't shoot through the power zone.

my technique;

pull on the re-launch line and hold, as the kite starts to right itself on it's side, while still pulling on the re-launch line pull left or right on the bar depending which side the kite is facing.

ie; if the LE is facing left, pull the left side of your bar in to hold the kite down on the water, by pulling on the re-launch line AND holding (which is wanting to force the kite up) and pulling the left side of the bar in (wanting to pull the kite down) you stabilise the kite and it forces it to the edge of the window as it's got nowhere to go except forward.

Once there, release the re-launch line and fly the kite back up as ususal through the bar.

if you only pull on the re-launch line and NOT hold the bar in at the same time, the kite flips over and launches straight through the power zone.

ps: it's worth doing once for the rush!! (in water of course)

it's SO easy!


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Postby Frankieboy » Sat Apr 03, 2004 7:51 pm

For your info I use a CO2 20m and relaunch is no problem. I am also a beginner and was never stucked, always got the kite flying again.

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