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Best Yarga 13.5m

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Postby tautologies » Thu May 06, 2004 11:44 am

I'll bet there isnt a kite on the market that is within 5% of its stated size
..and I'll bet that you are right. I wasn't out to get anyone by saying how we comepared the kites, I was merely stating the difference in size.

My frustration on kite sizes stems from the fact that when you come down to the beach and the wind is up, you cannot just look at peoples board / kite size / type + rider and estimate what will be good for you, you actually have to know the different brands relation to sizes as well.
I am still super stoked about the Nemesis kite :-)


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Postby sq225917 » Thu May 06, 2004 3:16 pm

wind speed is like riding speed on a bicycle, you spend big wedge on a speedometer, use it for a month until you learn exactly how windy it is simply by the feel and sound then you bin it to the expensive never to be used toy bin. :)

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Re: sizes...

Postby Wawando » Thu May 06, 2004 4:24 pm

tautologies wrote:Hi

Dax, when you say that
Low end rocks! I can get upwind and planning as early as my buddy on his 17m 04 Fuel. I could stay upwind long after many others on the same size kite from other 04 brands have given up.
you should actually put your kite besides your friends kite. We measured my Nemesis 14 with a Gaastra 14, and the Nemesis was way bigger, both in length and width. No wonder I had so much pull, and that I could go upwind when others had problems on their apart from that I am super stoked about the kite. It's really nice, and jumps good, and fast as hell. I really like the kite.
...but I thought 14 m2 was 14m2. I kinda wish there were some standards to follow....

We had the same doubt the other day when comparing a Mach2 16m and a Yarga 13,5 as they flew almost with the same wind.
We compared them in size and the Yarga 13,5 is definitly much smaller than the Mach2 16m. The lower vs higher AR mixes up things visually.

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Postby Dax » Thu May 06, 2004 10:44 pm

I rode the 13.5m yesterday in light wind, pretty much everyone else out was on a 16m. I will admit that a R4 rider landed quite a bit upwind of me after the wind had started to die off. He was obviously a very skilled rider, but I am sure the extra few meters of kite helped as well.

What I meant to say in my review is this kite has a lot of low end pull. It has become my light wind Gorge kite, as I've never felt comfortable launching big kites in the Gorge (where there is often a 15mph+ difference between lulls and gusts.)

Because of the pull, you have to stay on top of your edging more than with the Nemesis. The Nemesis lets you ride fast with a light edge, screaming upwind. The Yarga has a lot more grunt so it pulls downwind harder and thus requires more edge. Then again, that grunt is nice to have when you got to blast through 4-6ft choppy swells.

I got to say, its great having an option between high and medium AR... If I rode the same beach everyday, I would choose one or the other, but in the varying conditions I ride currently, its great.

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