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Yarga 13.5 Review, independant.

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Yarga 13.5 Review, independant.

Postby macca » Mon May 17, 2004 9:47 pm

A quick review of the BEST Yarga 13.5 kite.

I’m 85kgs on a 130 stubby Mutt. Wind was average 15knts but gusty.(kites owned, GXR, Mach 1, BT, Scoop, etc)

Construction is like any other kite, materials the same as others, so no significant differences there. Front tube forms last strut like Naish, 2 valves in front tube, none return valve on smallest strut only, dead easy to pinch the valves (can’t put my finger on why ;o). Still waiting for a pulley bar, the lines look good, nice and firm.

Inflation is pretty quick due to the thin tubes.

Flying, no problems or instability. Good de power range, fly’s quickly to the edge of the window, smooth and predictable turn rate.

The biggest thing for me was how floaty the jumps were. Been flying high AR kites for a while which tend to drop me like a stone, but this kite gave nice soft landings every time, benefit of lower aspect.

Bought this for playing in the waves and trying new stuff, but the jumping was good as well. Overall a very easy to use kite, which would suit a lot of people, no negative things to say, just set up and go. Don’t think they are pushing the performance limits but you would buy a high AR kite for that.

A good value kite that works well. Time will tell about durability, but have no worries as its similar to every other kite I’ve owned, in fact it’s the first kite I’ve got out the bag with out that feeling of been ripped of. I paid for kite, not biased in any way.

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Postby sq225917 » Mon May 17, 2004 10:47 pm

macca, glad you've had the chance to use the kite, next time i'm up your neck of the woods i'll leave a bigger nemesis with you for a play.

the valves are easier to pinch because they are made out of a slightly softer plastic than the other brands.

the yarga has good hangtime because of the foiling, its almost identical in flat shape to the 04 mules, but has noticably more hangtime.

as you suspect the nemsis has even more hangtime, but requires more accurate timing to get the most out of it.

glad you like it.

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