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Discussinon - more kitesurfers than windsurfers?

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Postby Toby » Thu Feb 07, 2002 1:16 pm

Well, I would like to discuss the future of kitesurfing. Everyone is more than welcome to contribute their thoughts:

In my opinion we will see more and more kiters at the kitebeaches. And more kitesurfers than windsurfers.
I think it will be a great combinbation for windsurfers, being ablt to go out at upper 3 Beaufort to 6 and at stronger winds they go windsurfing. But having all the snowboarders, wakeboarders and extreme sportsmen in mind, for sure we will see mor kitesurfer than windsurfers.
Remind the last two years:
I started in 2000 and everytime I went to the beach I was happy to see a kiter, since I didn't want to ride on my own.
End of 2001 I went to the beach and had to find a spot to pump up my kite!
Same in 2002. Last Saturday we had a great day, not as cold as normal, nice wind and the beach was pact with about 40 kitesurfers.
(and 10 windsurfers)
I can't imagine the sommer.

But I'm convinced, that in special areas, like Hawaii, there still will be many windsurfers, since the conditions are great.

What do you guys from other areas think?


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Postby murdoc » Thu Feb 07, 2002 1:31 pm

Always remember:

Kitesurfing is extreme-sport!

always count the daddys with their camping-mobiles on family vacation, riding a 2.90m board with 5m² rigg in 3-4bft.

-> from our point of view totally unspectacular or even boring ...
but these guys don't have time and passion to go extreme and buy a kite.

sure, if you go to tarifa, maui, waddel creek or elsewhere, where the tough guys go big, you'll find more and more kitesurfers.

like robbie naish said it - when you get better in windsurfing, you need certain things to get happy - strong winds, good waves etc. etc.

and just look at last season in germany -
if i counted right, there were 4 or 5 big days for windsurfing, two were on a weekend.

but countless big day kiteboarding :grin:

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